Cramer Products Bowling Bowling Set Weighted White Pins With 5 Lb.


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This Cramer Products Bowling Bowling Set - Weighted White Pins With 5 lb. Ball, manufacturered by CRAMER PRODUCTS, is listed with an MPN of 304. ramer Products has been the industry leader in sports medicine and athletic training room supplies for over 85 years. Chuck and Frank Cramer - the Cramer brothers - propelled the company forward thanks to hard work, a tireless allegiance to the profession of athletic training and the continual introduction of innovative products. Cramer Products is proud to have been the founder of the National Athletic Trainer's Association and is pleased to continue its strong relationship with the organization today. rom state-of-the-art braces and supports, to high-end mouth guards, to the introduction of the electrolyte replacement sports drink, Quickick, Cramer continuously develops innovative products. We utilize the most advanced materials and science available to design products by the athletic trainer, for the athletic trainer. Clear vision and a sensible approach to the needs of the physically active are common qualities shared by the men and women of Cramer Products and the thousands of dedicated professionals who serve as athletic trainers and sports medicine clinicians. Flat bottom for extra stability. Made of high quality polyethylene. Weighted pins (8 oz. each) have an additional 1-1/2 oz sand ballast for more realistic pin action and easier set-up. Regulation size, 15 High. Set Includes: 10 pins, set-up sheet, score pad and a 5 lb ball with extra finger holes which allow for three different grip spans to accommodate bowlers of virtually every size. Comes in a teal/red swirl design, capturing the look of a real bowling ball. 6 finger holes and 2 thumb holes.


Product Title: Cramer Products Bowling Bowling Set Weighted White Pins With 5 Lb.

Manufacturer: Cramer

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