Native Watercraft Native Manta Ray 12 Kayak Fishing Package

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The Native Watercraft Manta Ray 12 Angler Kayak incorporates a sleek V hull design to provide stability and smooth sailing. The Manta Ray comes with the Tag a Long Wheel allowing for easy transport to and from the water without scraping your boat. Instead of a DVC seat, the Manta Rays will now come with the DVC Deluxe seating system which will include side pads that support your hips and provide comfortable arm rests, a new adjustment system that will make it easier to control the seat back position, and a wedge beneath the seat that gives support under your thighs. The Groove, Native's new accessory system, will allow a range of accessories to easily slide on and off the anodized aluminum rails, including rod holders, mounting plates and a dashboard. These new additions plus the Manta Ray 12s sleek V hull design that provides stability and smooth sailing make this the perfect choice for everything from river paddling to skipping over waves at the coast. The Angler package includes two flush mount rod holders, one Scotty Baitcaster and an Anchor Kit.

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Product Title: Native Watercraft Native Manta Ray 12 Kayak Fishing Package

Manufacturer: Native Watercraft

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