Classic Accessories Skagit Pontoon Boat

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Sturdy 8 ft. Skagit Pontoon Boat features padded fold-down plastic seat, heavy-duty wire rear cargo platform, and over-the-lap stripping apron with fish ruler. With its 350 lb. capacity, this pontoon boat has room for all your gear. Armrest storage includes two large zippered pockets, 10 small mesh stuff pockets and two integrated drink holders. Anchor system with fillable mesh bag features simple cleat and pulley controls. Seat mount and footrests adjust to a wide range of leg lengths. Bronze oar locks. Powder-coated steel tube frame and rugged two-piece 6 ft. aluminum oars. Size: 96L x 50W X 26.5H

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Color: Red


Product Title: Classic Accessories Skagit Pontoon Boat

Manufacturer: Classic Accessories

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