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Effortless Movement for Your Pontoon or Float Tube! Enjoy float tubing like never before. Float tube with ease and confidence in windy conditions. Fish longer with little or no fatigue and cover more water in less time. The unique FloatPower design provides simple and quick attachment to virtually any float tube or pontoon raft. When used with any inexpensive electric trolling motor and battery, FloatPower provides enough power to pull your float tube, with a second or third float tube attached. This enables effortless float tubing opportunities for yourself, or with a friend, spouse or children. Once you have used FloatPower you will never float again with out one. Effortless movement and fun Fits any pontoon or float tube Fish all day in windy conditions and cover more fishing area Uses small electric trolling motor (motor not included) Modular and completely collapsible Separate parts for easy disassembly and storage Unique shape for solid attachment to pontoon or float tube Easy steering using you feet with fins Quick and simple to rig No maintenance Uses a standard deep cycle battery Color: Black (as shown below) Design Patent number D384,636 Shipping Free shipping to the continental U.S. International, Alaska and Hawaii orders will incur shipping costs calculated based on destination.


Product Title: BW Sports Float Power

Manufacturer: BW Sports

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