Steiner Germany Military 10X50 LRF


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This military-tested and approved laser-rangefinding binocular incorporates an eye-safe, invisible FDA Class 1 laser in the left half. The digital display is superimposed over the image seen in the unit's right half. By centering the target display on the subject while touching and releasing the RANGING button, the digital display provides nearly instantaneous range values in yards or meters out to a maximum range of 1,600 yards. Holding the button for more than three seconds activates the unit's scan mode for measuring small or moving targets. The 10x50s Porro prism design provides a brighter, distortion-free image and superior three-dimensional viewing than comparable roof prism optics.


Product Title: Steiner Germany Military 10X50 LRF

Manufacturer: Steiner

Lowest Price: $2,999.99 from The Sportsman's Guide

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