Nikon Action Zoom 10-22 x 50 Binocular


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A great bang-for-the-buck model with a broad 10-22x magnification range and large 50mm objectives, the Nikon 10-22x50 Action VII Zoom XL Binocular is Nikon's large zoom entry in their value-driven porro prism lineup. It features a 3.8° maximum field and 5mm exit pupil diameter at the 10x minimum magnification, with the capacity to zoom all the way to 22x magnification for intense study of wildlife and other unapproachable subject matter. A versatile instrument, it is one of the few zoom binoculars that provides a practical view throughout its range.

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Magnification: 10 - 22x

Objective Diameter: 50 mm


Product Title: Nikon Action Zoom 10-22 x 50 Binocular

Manufacturer: Nikon

Lowest Price: $289.00 from Marketplace

Power Score: 3.8 | 3 Reviews

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By remove this as a required field on Adorama - Sep 3, 2012

Great value, high powered, binoculars

Strengths: Zoom is great since it allows a wider field to locate while providing the capability to easily zoom to a very high power. Gathers a lot of light.

Weakness: Large, clunky and a little heavy. The focus at the highest zoom power does not provide crystal clarity.

This set of binoculars is a great value for the money. Through the use of the zoom it is easier to locate an object and magnify it to a very large size. Although they are large it is necessary to gather the amount of light necessary to make the objects easily seen - even in lower light conditions.

By dbpinochle - Jul 25, 2006

Nikon 10-22 x 50 Action Zoom XL Binoculars (USA)

Strengths: good zoom feature

Weakness: unknown

The 10-22x50 Zoom model is intended for both lowlight viewing at the shorter end of the zoom as well as distant observations in better conditions. Knobby rubber armored housings for comfort. Great.

By bikerbone900 - Aug 23, 2005

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