Reviews for Meade 8x42 CaptureView Roof Prism Binocular with Built-in 2.0 Megapixel Digital Camera


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Nice view

Strengths: clear view

Weakness: view is layered, camera is not adjustable

I got this gadget by a deal of $50, well, you get what you pay for.

The view is good, optical part is satisfactory. Because it's such telephoto, what you see is layered view, everything squeezed into a thin layer. No 3-D.

The camera is really dispensable. It can hardly take a good photo. Because you can't adjust it. Worst is, the camera does NOT get view from binocular, on the contrary, its photo is from its own hole-like lense.

Control is soso. Build tough.

By bao_hongbo - Jun 28, 2006

Just an expensive toy that does...

Strengths: Good field glasses

Weakness: camera

Just an expensive toy that does not produce any acceptable photos. I am a professional photographer and a field trial judge. I have owned many digital cameras that have had a lesser - rated resolution, and yet produced better photos than does this built in camera. I would not recommend anyone plan on taking photos with this device, and plan on having anyone who was not at the event, thus adding their recollection to the photo in order to discern that the photo is of, to find any photos taken to be worthwhile.

By Hotfoot - Dec 13, 2003

Simmons/Meade 8X42 CaptureView 2.0 mp

Strengths: Binocular, LCD screen, SD card

Weakness: Camera, video

I purchased the Simmons version of this binocular/camera. The Binoculars do a very good job of bringing in a very crisp picture. Don't expect the same from the camera. With the help of photo editing software, I was able to print out decent 4X6 photos. The LCD screen and the SD card slot are a plus. I don't feel too disappointed with the performance of the camera at the price of $111.00 (regular 199.99). The video feature is not a strong seller for the CaptureView. Any movement on your part will produce a very shakey and wavey video. In summary, Binocular - A, Camera - C, Video - D. I hope this helps.

By anonymous; - Dec 19, 2005