Kent GMC Denali 22.5/57cm Men's Blue 700C

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The GMC Denali 700C Men's Road Bike makes for a fantastically green option to getting around town. There's no better feeling than saving the Earth while also getting in shape. ASSEMBLY REQUIRED. CLICK HERE for Bike Sizing GuideCLICK HERE for Bike Buying Guide

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Age: Adult

Gender: Man

Color: Blue

Bicycle Type: road


Product Title: Kent GMC Denali 22.5/57cm Men's Blue 700C

Manufacturer: Kent

Power Score: 3.3 | 14 Reviews

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Know what you are getting!

Strengths: Wheels, Kenda tires, frame (with one caveat)

Weakness: Brakes, Freewheel hub, rear brake bridge height.

First off, know what you're getting: an x-mart bike at an x-mart price. Out of the box-- and properly adjusted, it rides pretty nice. But there are a lot of compromises to keep the bike at it's under $200 selling price (read: the lowliest of the low and he crappiest of the crap).1) The inclusion of RevoTwist shifers instead of integrated brake shifters (STI, Ergo, DoubleTap) as seen on...
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By anonymous; - Apr 25, 2011

GMS Denali Bike

Strengths: dollars, dollars, dollars baby

Weakness: brake pads and seat

ive had the bike for a few months now and it has been a great investment. i live in san francisco and there are a lot of hills and the bike has performed great. i had to replace the brakes as the stock brakes are very poor at medium speeds (new brakes cost me 30.00 dollars). also, i added a 15.00 dollar seat cushion as the stock seat was uncomfortable. to sum up: if your looking for a bicycle and...
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By anonymous; - Aug 4, 2009

Denali's Rock

Strengths: Aero Frame grip shifters 80psi 700x28 tires Aero Wheels laser light cornering

Weakness: Heavy as the dickens, Drivetrain's suspect

Hey, my man Tarue's rocking a Denali and he's dropping people on every climb. Now he might have slapped some spare parts on his machine like an old Sora Derailleur but never the less. He also has techie skills to dial in his gearing. He's shredding through bike lane trails like a mad goose. He takes no prisoners and accepts any challenges on his GMC. Why you might ask

By Rexskywalker - Apr 7, 2009

GMC Denali Road Bike

Strengths: Frame and forks are nice

Weakness: Seat is not good for long rides, wheels look nice but warp easily, brakes are horrible, Revo shifter is hard to reach, Pops out of gear a lot and pops chain off.

Overall this is a decent bike for a beginner or novice who doesn't have a lot of money. It will take a lot of tinkering and dialing in to be a distance worthy bike. When I bought mine, it came out of the box with a slightly warped front wheel. The Revo grip shifters are difficult to use when riding. The brakes need a lot of fine tuning and the brake handles are kinda in a little high of a...
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By anonymous; - Jan 20, 2008

Pack of lies

Strengths: none, not even price in the long run

Weakness: weight, safety-spacificly brakes!, durablity, lake of new parts, mis-leading claims of shimano parts

I bought this bike because it seemed like a good deal last year. I have put about a 500 miles on it. However parts were burning out. The chain is skipping and I couldn't get it tuned. So I took it to a bicycle shop. They told me that the chain has stretched and caused excess wear on the free wheel and chain rings. Also the derailleur pulleys are eroded. The shop said that the parts were not real...
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By joe95825 - Mar 22, 2007

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