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Motovox Mini Kids Motor Bike is One Sa-weeeet Ride! On the road or off, this Motovox Mini Bike is one wild ride! Whether you're tearing through the yard, rocking jumps and tricks, or just covering a lot of ground, this mini bike is built to get you where you're going quickly. Featuring a durable, patent pending steel frame and tough-as-nails polypropylene fenders, it'll take on tons of off road action, jumps, drops and spills and let you keep coming back for more. Super customizable, this Mini Kids Motor Bike offers fully adjustable handlebars, an oversized molded seat and folding foot pegs so you can ride just how you like, quickly adjusting for uphill, downhill and hard-surfaces. Equipped with a potent 79.5cc overhead valve engine powering tough steel wheels, this Motovox Bike has the muscle to accelerate through a variety of terrain while the rear-mounted disc brake, combined with high traction tires, means it's able to react quickly and always keep a solid grip. Fast and easy to start with a pull-start design to get this 2.5hp engine revving quick, this mini bike will be ready anytime you want to take it out. Fun, fast and affordably priced!


Product Title: Motovox Mini Bike

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