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Roadmaster 26 Mt. Fury from WalMart

Strengths: Price

Weakness: Cheap parts

I bought this bike after being off of bicycles for 25 years. I thought I'd get in cheap just in case this turned out not to be my thing. So far I have enjoyed the heck out of it. This bike is cheaply made to be sure. But, compared to the last bike I owned, which I bought in 1974, it is pretty awesome. Technology has come a long way since then so this bike has features you couldnt get then. Plus, it's lighter than the better ten speeds of the mid seventies. The Mt. Fury has a 15 speed gearing which I really think is a bit excessive. Geeze.

The seat is a bit hard. You can fix that on the cheap though. So far I have ridden this bike every day and use it for running to the store and just chillin, as they say. To the store is about five miles. I always look forward to the next store run.

We will see I guess how long this bike holds up. The shift levers feel pretty good even though they are plastic. The derailers are kinda cheap and so just a tad cranky. I find that it's best to plan gear changes a few seconds in advance and dont wait till your in the middle of a steep incline to decide to gear down. However, once you learn the bike this becomes a non-issue.

With all this said, I have decided that if I stick with this bike riding thing, like it looks as if I will, I plan to get a more refined bike. But, for 53 cool ones you cant beat this bike with anything out there.

By falconbrother - Apr 17, 2006

awesome bike

Strengths: everything

Weakness: none

i rode this bike up 3 mountains and it still works fine i think that this is the best bike ever :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

By anonymous; - Nov 5, 2009


Strengths: Price

Weakness: weight capacity/cheap materials

I am 6'4" and weigh 230# I was riding with my son and he wanted to go up some hills, as I was pedaling at first I thought the chain had come off. Then my son told me to look at my back wheel. I stepped off and my back wheel had bent about 4 inches. If you weigh more than 150-180max I would not consider this bike. There were no bumps in the road and it had not been off road at all. Maybe a total of 3 hours ride time.

By sandite1987 - May 21, 2006

My Female experience

Strengths: Fixable!

Weakness: I don't think most people spend this much time maintaining their bicycle...

(what's a female doing with a man's bike, anyways?! This bike was a free hand-me down.)
My gear shifters on the handles broke because they're plastic.One was fixable, and the other one...still trying to figure out what to do.
I love that I can fix this bike without any previous bike-fixing experience, or much other anything-fixing experience.
The bike has not been very friendly for attachments like my basket or U-lock holder. difficult to find places to put things without interfering with the gears.
It gets me around! I drive it to work almost every day about 2 miles, and then up and up and down Berkeley streets on Saturdays.

By bitterpeas - Nov 25, 2006

The disposable bike

Strengths: Price and value

Weakness: this bike is made with very cheap shoddy imported parts from china. not built to last a long time.

Im extremely hard on bikes. I crash, torture, kill, destroy, wreck and mangle the bikes i ride. These bikes are the best because you dont have to worry about how much the bike cost if you completely wreck the thing. roadmaster bikes are truely the disposable bike because of the cost. I love these bikes because they are cheep to replace aad/or repair.

By BigBully - Mar 30, 2007

piece of junk

Strengths: decent frame

Weakness: piece of trash

i have got better bikes out of the trash this one i bought brand new i only give it a one star rateins because it dont go down low enough dont get it u want a cheap bike get a used one i broke it after 6 months my old bike i had 9 years and it still runs like new get a used fiamondback like i did youll be better off!!! i still have the frame 7 months later though it was my first mtb i guess it work for trying mtbs

By anonymous; - Oct 3, 2006