Easton Surge BBCOR BGS2 Adult - 34" 31 oz.

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Last season's hottest new bat is back with even more to be excited about! The all new Surge is now BBCOR approved and sacrifices no quality along the way! This two-piece design features a barrel made with Easton's new THT100 Aluminum, and an IMX Composite handle. This exclusive new THT100 Alloy has 100ksi strength and extraordinary toughness for superior dent and crack resistance. We're talking about a real game changer here. The IMX or Integrated Matrix Technology strengthens and optimizes the composite structure, giving you a bat with incredible performance and extreme durability. This durability is even further enhanced by Easton's CNT or Carbon NanoTube Technology. The CNT enhances the proprietary resin system in their composite bats, creating the longest lasting bats in the industry. The Surge also features Easton's patented ConneXion Design System which optimizes performance using hinge technology for efficient energy transfer and flex. The ConneXion design separates the barrel from the handle which creates an expanded hitting surface and completely eliminates any chance of sting or vibration. Another new technology introduced in the Surge is Brace Barrel. This design locates critical points in the barrel to achieve BBCOR compliance while minimizing swing weight. This results in a lower M.O.I., meaning the player will notice a lighter swing weight and faster swing speed. The Easton Surge is BBCOR Certified and is approved for high school and collegiate play. Easton: Know-Feel-Be The Difference. The Surge is backed by a Full Twelve (12) Month Manufacturer's Warranty.


Product Title: Easton Surge BBCOR BGS2 Adult - 34" 31 oz.

Manufacturer: Easton

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