Generic Kalashnikov 60th Anniversary AK47 Auto - Electric Air Gun


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Kalashnikov 60th Anniversary AK47 Auto - Electric Air Gun. Happy Birthday, AK47! Modeled after the special edition 60th Anniversary AK47, this Airsoft Gun packs a punch for your team battles! With the simple flip of a switch, you'll turn this bad boy into a full automatic shooting machine. Or, leave it at semi-automatic if you need to conserve ammo. Shoots a sizzling 430 f.p.s., too!Identical in weight, size and appearance to its live-fire counterpart to enhance your experience! Perfect as a training tool, or a fun new toy for weekend war games! Spin-up: The Spin-up system is available in AEG, Gas and Spring operated models. The basic theory is to put backspin on the BB. When the BB is fired there is resistance on the upper side of the BB creating a backspin. This offsets the effect of gravity, wind power and air resistance and pushes the BB to travel a longer distance.Gear Box: The gear box on an AEG houses all the workings to power the piston to launch the BB. A strong metal gear box with metal gears gives you the best performance and durability. Upper Metal Body: Upper metal body refers t the upper reciever on a gun. Some AEG's have a top part of the body that is metal. The lower part of the gun, the grip, and / or fore grip is plastic.More:Has Spin-up system that places resistance on upper side of BB to create backspin, thereby offsetting the effect of gravity and air resistance and increasing distance Upper receiver on gun is made tough with metal construction lower

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Product Title: Generic Kalashnikov 60th Anniversary AK47 Auto - Electric Air Gun

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