Crosman 2300T Competition Pistol

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Crosman 2300T Competition Pistol helps you hit the target dead center! Ready, aim fire! Take home first prize with this IHMSA-standard CO2 Target Pistol from Crosman. Mount your scope on the receiver for even more precise shooting. The single-stage trigger is adjustable for controlled sensitivity. Fires .177 pellets at an amazing 520 F.P.S.Details: Rifled Steel .177 caliber Barrel (10 lands. 1 twist in 16 inches [right hand lead]) Built with super-tough zinc alloy LPA rear sight for stability Dimensions: 16 long, weighs 2 2/3 lbs. Riddle the bullseye with shots! Pick this Pistol up ONLINE today!

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Firearm Type: Handgun


Product Title: Crosman 2300T Competition Pistol

Manufacturer: Crosman

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