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Windows XP Home Edition is the operating system designed exclusively for home computing. From digital photos, music, and video to building a home network, Windows XP brings you into the digital age with ease.

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Product Title: Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition Complete Product - Complete Product - 1 User

Manufacturer: Microsoft

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Windows XP is stable and easy to...

Strengths: Stable, nice interface, good security, and XP is much faster than Windows 2000 Pro - especially booting up.

Weakness: Microsoft should release software that is secure and stable to start with instead of constantly releasing "updates" and "service packs".

Windows XP is stable and easy to use with a nice interface. You get a good feeling that the operating system is in control instead of the applications. Includes SP2 for added security. You do not need to download and install SP2 yourself. "OEM" does not mean anything is missing. It simply means you do not get a retail box or manual. I have found that the "Home" version has everything I need....
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By jimfarrellusa - Jul 8, 2005

I have enjoyed using windows xp,...

Strengths: you have all The features that you need, all the extra games. The smooth installation of hardware and soft ware

Weakness: I find that it doesn't have some of the help topics that some first time users would need.

I have enjoyed using windows xp, with all of its features, I find windows easy to find things on the internet with windows xp. All in all I find that windows xp is the best windows oparating system software that I have used out of all the past windows I have used.

By reino200 - Sep 16, 2004

I have read some of the reviews on...

Strengths: The most configurable OS next to Linux

Weakness: Proprietary software, prime target for crackers, frequent patches/critical updates necessary.

I have read some of the reviews on this site about XP Home, and feel that many reviewers have not done their homework on this OS. It seems to me that most users attempt to operate the OS without doing much, if any reading or research via the many books, periodicals, and websites devoted to this subject. I personally am very satisfied with WinXP Home, and have had very few problems with it. The...
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By uzz3r - Mar 13, 2004

If you want to install over 512mb...

Strengths: many

Weakness: not many

If you want to install over 512mb of ram you can't with Windows95,98,or ME. You can with XP.just like you can with 2000. System restore like ME unlike 2000.No need to get separate software for zip files or tranferring data to a cdrw.System lockups are vitually gone.I've had a few but that was because of the age of the software I tried to install.I've only had issues with a handful of games but...
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By jefffann - Feb 7, 2004

I replaced Windows Me with XP...

Strengths: Reliable, stable, easy to learn and use.

Weakness: Some compatability problems with some older software and equipment, but, it's worth it.

I replaced Windows Me with XP Home, haven't had a lockup, lost work or any other typical computer failure since. It makes integrating new equipment, software and networking a breeze not to mention all the extras bells and whistles included with XP. You could actually get good use out of your system without any additional software.

By parrishrex - Nov 20, 2003

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