Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition w/SP2

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Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition is the next version of the Windows operating system, which is designed exclusively for home computing. Windows XP Home Edition puts the exciting experiences of the digital age at your fingertips. From digital photos, music, and video to building a home network, Windows XP Home Edition brings you into the digital age with ease. Built on the solid foundation of Windows 2000, Windows XP Home Edition also sets the standard in efficient and dependable computing. A great visual design, reliable Windows engine, and Internet security features combine with capabilities for sharing your computer, to give you the most dependable Windows operating system yet.

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License Type: OEM License

Media Format: CD-ROM


Product Title: Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition w/SP2

Manufacturer: Microsoft

Power Score: 4.3 | 10 Reviews

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XP home

Strengths: Its alot better than win98 and winME. Secure, Stable, nice design, user friendly.

Weakness: Of course it has weaknesses its made by microsoft. usual crashes, lockups, upgrade errors..but hey thats windows.

If you haven't already upgraded to windows XP then trust me when I tell you, its time. If you want the cheap version then buy XP home but it lacks XP professional's server, business, and Windows Servers support just to name a few. Other than that, you can do everything with XP home, internet, word processing, games...etc. I use XP home for my kids computers, because they don't need the more...
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By aceskull - Jan 31, 2007

Windows XP Home Edition w/Service Pack 2

Strengths: best software

Weakness: none

fast and Definitely the most stable, user friendly microsoft operating system yet. Requires large amounts of ram, and takes up more hard drive space than any past microsoft os, but runs smoothly and multi-tasks well.

By bmkrishi - Aug 2, 2006

Its Windows!

Strengths: Works well big upgrade over Win 98 and 2000.

Weakness: These are well known and I don't need to repeat them

The OEM edition is a great buy for anyone who wants to put windows on a computer without a microsoft OS. Reactivation isn't a problem. I've had to reactivate mine a number of times as I have swapped components, but only once have I had to call microsoft and I got through quickly and was given a new activation code without a problem.

By mdhtbm - May 20, 2006

Windows XP Rocks

Strengths: Very Good Operating System... Try to beat it. You can't.

Weakness: Not very much

Very good product, arrived in a timely fashion, in the condition said. Windows XP is the ONLY way to go (Until they come out with the next OS) Thank You

By dukefam - Dec 13, 2005

Happy Happy Joy Joy. All works as...

Strengths: Best Windows OS yet

Weakness: Slow

Happy Happy Joy Joy. All works as expected. Even plays my kids software that wouldn't boot in 98. Have plenty of RAM and go for it.

By Lonnie106 - Apr 26, 2005

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