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Windows XP Home Edition is the operating system designed exclusively for home computing. From digital photos, music, and video to building a home network, Windows XP brings you into the digital age with ease.


Product Title: Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition Complete Product

Manufacturer: Microsoft

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Power Score: 3.4 | 14 Reviews

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Product Reviews (10) - Windows XP Home SP2

Strengths: good price (on sale?)

Weakness: web site was difficult to use. took me 5-6 times to get all the way thru the purchase process (painful).

Overall I'm happy with my purchase of Windows XP from Their price was good but it must have been on sale. Their web site was flakey, as it kept crapping out on my as I was going thru the purchase process. It literally took me about 5-6 attempts to get all the way thru the checkout process. I almost just gave up and went with another vendor. Not sure what the problem was, but it...
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By campbem - Sep 25, 2009

Good Seller

Strengths: Low Cost of Software and received package in good time.

Weakness: See comments

Software worked fine. Was worried in the beginning since it looked as if the Windows Certification Sticker had been reattached to the software. It did activate and register fine. No problems so far.

By Celtic05 - Aug 29, 2007

Windows XP SP2

Strengths: It is a very reliable product. It is easy to use. Does a lot more than the Windows Me I had. Doesn't blue screen me at all.

Weakness: I haven't found any yet.

I am very pleased with this product and I would definitely purchase it for our other computer if we needed it. I am very satified with the overall performance of Windows XP SP2 and the speed it was delivered to me.

By anonymous; - Aug 1, 2007

Windows XP

Strengths: none

Weakness: Scammer

Beware of this web site. I purchased a "used" [out of box]windows xp w/sp2 from a storefront called RGOLD28. after repeated e -mails I have received neither my package nor even a reply to my email. BEWARE!!!!!

By MrArthur - Jul 20, 2007

Windows XP Home with SP2

Strengths: none

Weakness: corrupted my iMac

I don't know whether it was Windows XP or Outlook Express or Parallels, but upon installation on my brand-new iMac, on which I had just configured my Mac Mail e-mail accounts, my Mac Mail accounts became disabled, and my whole new computer went kablooey. Programs were behaving erratically, and I did not trust the computer, though I tried mightily to use it. I had AppleCare walk me through an...
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By mimbrava - Dec 26, 2006

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