Microsoft Windows 8 64-bit

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Windows has been reimagined to focus on your life. The beautiful, fast, and fluid design is perfect for a range of hardware: from compact, touch-enabled tablets and lightweight laptops, to PCs and large, powerful all-in-ones with high-definition screens. The new Windows 8 start screen is your personalized home for items you use the most and can be customized according to your user preferences. Windows 8 Live tiles provide real-time updates from your Facebook, Twitter, and e-mail accounts. Along with the new Start screen, the lock screen now includes e-mail, calendar, and clock widgets. To access your PC, Microsoft has replaced a standard password or PIN with a swipe gesture; unlock your PC by clicking or swiping preset locations you’ve selected on the lock screen. New functions also allow you to search for your favorite software programs, open, close, hide, resize, or run multiple apps simultaneously with the swipe of a finger or a swipe of the mouse. Windows has also made changes to make your PC more secure by boosting its existing security features and adding SmartScreen, which acts to prevent suspicious programs or apps from being installed or running on your machine. Windows 8 also gives you the ability to refresh itself to give users a new starting point and a cleaner version of Windows.

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Product Title: Microsoft Windows 8 64-bit

Manufacturer: Microsoft

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