Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional w/ SP2 - Branded

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The reliable desktop and laptop operating system for businesses of all sizes. Built on NT Technology, Windows 2000 Professional offers rock-solid reliability and improved manageability that simplify desktop management. And its integrated Web capabilities and broad support for mobile computers and hardware devices make it easy for business users to connect to the Internet and work anywhere, anytime.

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License Type: Complete Product

Media Format: CD-ROM


Product Title: Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional w/ SP2 - Branded

Manufacturer: Microsoft

Power Score: 4.1 | 21 Reviews

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Windows 2000 Pro with current...

Strengths: Worked exceptionally well while used as the sole OS in windows PC.

Weakness: Not compatible with Parallels software, that is designed to enable placing aVirtual machine on an IMACthat allows the loading of Microsoft applications.

Windows 2000 Pro with current upgrades works fine when usedas the primary OS on a Microsoft computer. Windows2000 Pro is not compatible when used in conjuctionwith Parallels software on an IMAC.Windows XP Professionalwill work with Parallels.

By anonymous; - Apr 9, 2007


Strengths: speed,security and stable

Weakness: nothing

win2000 pro is faster than xp and it uses less memory and cpu
the games play better and more stable also with sp4 security increase in high level.

simple excellent

By anonymous; - Oct 18, 2006

Windows 2000,seriously

Strengths: WAS supported by businesses so a lot of compatability improvements compared to NT 4.0. And basic off the disc compatability with newer stuff over 98 SE.

Weakness: Just did clean install 2 weeks ago, and crashes constantly. Even with all service packs and the rollup or whatever. No virus' or anything. This OS sucks. Did every conceivable thing. STILL CRASHING.

Ya know if they just learned to write a decent OS format once, I'd be happy. I will never pay for microsoft software because even after years of updates and such it still sucks. XP is an improvement, but too bad it's backwards compatibility wasn't supported as well as 2000's other wise I'd be satisfied with at least one of the OS's this company produces. Of course it doesn't matter cuz...
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By anonymous; - Aug 16, 2006

Ive read the reviews of the other...

Strengths: Doesnt crash period. Ive run battlefield, doom3, and others but it cant get better than this. XP Pro is slower and less stable.

Weakness: none it is a little boring to look at though

Ive read the reviews of the other users and I have to say that of all the MS OSs 2000 is the best. Ive built computers and Ive tested every os since 98 on my machines and 2000 is the most stable. I use it on my main office server and that computer has run for 4 years without crashing once. It takes up less space and system speed than xp and it beats the hell out of me

By CrucibleX - Apr 15, 2005

I LIKE Win 2000 Pro. Its very '98...

Strengths: Low Overhead, fast and easy install (8-2004)version and nice features.

Weakness: Lots of conflicts with my '97 Sony. But I got it to work.

I LIKE Win 2000 Pro. Its very '98 ish but it responds better than '98 even though I shoe-horned it into my pentium 200Mhz. I also run it with my AMD-64. Naturally that is a better fit, but to run at 200 MHz and 1800 MHz is a pretty versitile OS I'd say. Crashes are few. Usually its due to me running utility programs, and web surfing at the same time. Plus the normal collection of anti-spy...
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By skywriteing - Aug 12, 2004

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