IBM Lotus SmartSuite v.9.8 Millennium Edition - Complete Product - 1 User

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SmartSuite Millennium Edition 9.8 is the latest edition of the award-winning office suite including: Lotus 1-2-3, Lotus Word Pro, Lotus Freelance Graphics, Lotus Approach, Lotus Organizer, Lotus FastSite, and Lotus SmartCenter With SmartSuite 9.8, it is easy to convert files from earlier versions of SmartSuite and other business applications including Microsoft Office. SmartSuite 9.8 file filters exchange documents seamlessly to and from 1-2-3 and Excel, Word Pro and Microsoft Word, or Freelance Graphics and PowerPoint. The power of SmartSuite 9.8 combined with Lotus Notes and the Internet, make SmartSuite the industry's most complete suite for addressing the needs of both enterprise and individual users

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Required Operating System: Microsoft Windows 2000, Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional, Microsoft Windows 95, Microsoft Windows 98, Microsoft Windows 98 SE, Microsoft Windows ME, Microsoft Windows NT 4.0, Microsoft Windows XP

License Type: Complete Product

Media Format: CD-ROM


Product Title: IBM Lotus SmartSuite v.9.8 Millennium Edition - Complete Product - 1 User

Manufacturer: IBM

Power Score: 3.0 | 1 Review

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Lotus SmartSuirte 9.8.1

Strengths: Full featured 'Office' suite.

Weakness: Lotus software is no longer 'main stream'.

Lotus SmartSuite 9.8.1 is a software business suite comparable, in type, to Microsoft Office and, in fact, in the past was a viable competitor. This update brings previous SmartSuite users compatibility with newer Office versions. It is probably a poor choice for anyone who is not already using an older version of SmartSuite.

By yelnatsdlorej - Aug 20, 2006

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