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Panda Good

Strengths: stops almost anything, great firewall, been using panda for about 3 years.

Weakness: It does have a few glitches but a restart of the program will fix that. A Few spyware issues. Not a wise choice for computers under 512MB Memory.

It will delete spyware but not so well, i use spysweeper with it and then all problems are fixed... hehe

Anyway I use panda now on my gaming and work computer but with computers under the amount of 512MB of RAM, panda will slow you down alot. between bootup shutdown and just casual usage. But if your computer supports panda not using it is stupid, b/c its tha best.

By jbanimeworld - Nov 16, 2005

An OK security suite that compares favorably with any of them

Strengths: Highly recommended by PC World. Constantly updates and seems to block almost everything from viruses to spyware. The price was excellent--mine is an OEM product.

Weakness: Pop-ups that announce the program's neutralization of spyware (cookies); a SPAM blocker that is a "pain" to configure (aren't they all?); shortage of configuration options.

I have Windows XP and have not had any problem with this product other than it slows down the booting-up process. However, I chose to have it scan my boot, so I expected a much slower boot.
So far the only real complaint I have is about the multiple pop-ups for spyware cookies the program blocks, usually in groups of 6 or so. These are super irritating. I was disappointed in the lack of options available for configuring this program. For example, I would like to see an option to allow me to stop the irritating pop-ups informing me of the neutralization of spyware; each pop-up for each cookie has to be individually closed.
I also shut down the SPAM blocker as it was diverting all of my commercial-sourced email to the SPAM box (I have Outlook 2000). To be fair, this "feature" is pretty standard among SPAM blocking programs, all of which have to be "educated." My ISP has an excellent SPAM blocking program so I didn't need this option with the Panda far, anyway.
I went with the recommendation of the Panda program via my guru magazine, PC World, and I haven't been sorry that I did.

By ejled - Nov 9, 2005

I was running my PC (WIN XP Home,...

Strengths: Simple user interface

Weakness: Annoying pup-ups, which do not respond to the "don't remind me again" option. Only one virus update for the 30 day trial period. Crashes programs and slows down computer.

I was running my PC (WIN XP Home, 512 MB RAM, 80 GB HD) trouble free for 4 years and was using Norton Antivirus all the time without problems.
I am computer literate, I know how to deal with problems and I am able to maintain a healthy status of my PC all the time.

After installing Panda Software I encountered the following problems:

1. Upon downloading the virus update file, I noticed the program to delete already "malicious ???" files without having the option to reject these activities

2. Immediately after completion of installation I found my program "Executive Diskeeper" inoperative and I had to re-install this program

3. Inbetween I was pestered with pop-up notes asking me to buy the full version and the option "don't remind me again" was completely ignored by the program

4. Upon booting the computer I noticed the time to have doubled from originally 2 minutes to 5 minutes !!!. The PC became sluggish and it took more time to open folders and programs

5. Three days later and without having done any changes to my PC or having installed any other software, I found the following programs not working anymore:
- Windows Media Player
- Nero Burning Rom
- Cyperlink PowerDVD

Uninstalling/Re-installing these programs was without success and the computer was damaged for good.

6. Fortunately I had made a restore point prior installing panda software and was lucky enough to be able to revert back to this point. Otherwise I would have to re-format my HD and to install all my programs again.


I judge this software to be one of the most malicious and annoying software I have ever come across. Prior installing this software, I had already read comments posted by other users, who have experienced similar problems. Unfortunately I ignored these and trusted panda's advertisement. I realize now, that this was a very big mistake. I am still recovering from the shock that with our today's technology and know-how, such inferior software is able to emerge. My advise: if you really want to go ahead with installing this software, then create at least a restore point prior installing

By Unicorn05 - Dec 14, 2005

4/5 stars for panda

Strengths: well it has alot more to offer that norton anti virus

Weakness: firewall somtimes shutsdown but a restart fixes this

windows xp SP2 P4 1.7gh 512ddr ram 80gb hard disk

i've been using panda platinum for a while i have it on 4 computers at home which i look after AND its never crashed a computer very easy to setup and make adjustments EG: firewall and home networking, blocks almost everything well more that norton your computer may work a little slower but thats the price you pay for your computer being safe and it worth its price i'll never look back

By fannious - Jan 26, 2006

Second side

Strengths: will stop almost everything, the firewall works well with other firewalls and uses there data to allow or stop programs, the malisious protection stops most viruses and some popups without updates.

Weakness: It does have a few glitches however if you shut the program down restart it that fixes most problems

Using this program with a mix of spywareblaster, counterspy(giant,or spysweeper)antispyware program/ an additional firewall will stop all most anything including about:blank and other such programs. if you don't believe it try it and see for yourself.

By changeistruth - Aug 12, 2005

This program completely shut...

This program completely shut production down; it delayed start up/shut down (minutes instead of seconds) and completely rendered outlook useless. My computer was bogged down and ran extremely slow. I would not recommend this product. I uninstalled immediately as i could not function with this software on my PC.

By emsmith1234 - Oct 22, 2005

i have windows XP P4 1.7GHz 256ram...

Strengths: none

Weakness: customer support,Frequent re-installing,Many glitches in the system ,your computer will crash,

i have windows XP P4 1.7GHz 256ram
this is very very bad.
my outlook keep closing the program, makes everything so slow, cannot go to some web site not porn like yahoo mail site or ebay's my ebay site when you have to log in to go.
customer support doesn't know what they talking about.
no help at all. slow reply e-mail.crash my pc.
don't get this program.don't don't don't!!!

By xenageorge - Apr 3, 2005

flawed beauty

Strengths: Easy to install (-ish) Covers most bases Self-governing once set up to auto-update

Weakness: Flaky firewall Irritating pop-ups

I had Panda's Antivirus 7.0 and wholeheartedly recommended it to others. It worked beautifully on my machine. It came to the end of its contract though and I chose to install IS2005 as its replacement. The installation might have gone better had I been a new user but Panda don't seem to have gone to any great lengths to enable and easy changeover. Consequently, I had account trouble until the Antivirus 7.0 subscription ran out.

My main gripe is the firewall. It supposedly can be configured to allow the user to pick which programs can access the Internet and in which way. This is partly true. My firewall will let me choose settings but won't remember them next time the PC is switched on. So if I use Skype as an example, even if I set the firewall to allow Skype to have inbound and outbound permission, the NEXT day I'll have to do it again because the firewall will have reset itself. It doesn't even let Panda itself update without waving a flag. After I write this review, I'm going to disable the firewall and install Zone Alarm's free firewall.

The Antivirus bit works very well.

By sub2112 - Dec 8, 2005

The system startup was so slow...

Strengths: Great Ad- and Spyware function.

Weakness: Slows the system down to make it alomst unusable.

The system startup was so slow that I could go make myself a cup of coffee before the startup had finished. The Start-menu stayed up for almost 20 seconds after having started a program.

I uninstalled Panda, and reinstalled PC-Cillin 12, and everything is working great.

To me, this package is unusable...

By olaola - Nov 28, 2005

Panda Platinum Internet Security 2005

There’s the good, the bad, and the ugly in Panda Platinum Internet Security 2005. The good is the antivirus component, which is flat-out outstanding, equaling that of ZoneAlarm and almost matching Norton for the best in this roundup. It’s comprehensive, yet easy to use, and it’s able to scan files, e-mail, and instant messages.
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By - Sep 30, 2005