Delorme Mapping Topo North America 9.0

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DeLorme Topo North America 9.0 is the most comprehensive computer mapping program for outdoor recreation, with unsurpassed maps, available imagery, trip planning features, on-road navigation, and GPS capabilities. Everything you need is in-the-box Complete U.S. and Canada topographic maps and detailed streets Major roads for Mexico Over 4 million places-of-interest (POIs) in the U.S. and Canada Extensive U.S. trails network and public lands, including BLM Flexible printing choices Ability to share your custom maps over the internet, and more 5 additional regional discs of PN-Series maps, to update your existing DeLorme GPS Topo North America 9.0 Features: 11,000 added national forest trails 210,000 new or updated roads Bureau of Land Management recreation lands now included See DeLorme Atlas & Gazetteer locations and descriptions inTopo North America and on your PN-Series receiver Sync all your GPS file transfers at once - waypoints, tracks,routes, and geocaches Sync Pocket Queries directly to your PN-Seriesreceiver and to Topo North America All new Canada topographic details: Comprehensive national coverage Elevation contours, shaded relief, realistic 3-D Land cover, bodies of water Highways, streets, back roads Places of interest (attractions, lodgings, restaurants, businesses)


Product Title: Delorme Mapping Topo North America 9.0

Manufacturer: Delorme

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