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WordPerfect continues to be the...

Strengths: More features than Word

Weakness: none

WordPerfect continues to be the best bargain - it's table functions put Word to shame. It's macros are much easier to use/create/edit and Reveal Codes makes editing a breeze. Its backward compatibility with previous versions of WordPerfect are transparent and mean that dealing with legacy documents is never a problem. Users who are keyboard oriented find WP easy to use and easy to configure for their own use.

For those who have to deal with "Word" shops, the "save as" feature preserves formatting (up to the limited scope available in Word). WordPerfect imports Word documents and you can cut/paste/import between WordPerfect and Excel or Access so there is no loss of functionality there either. Those who start with WordPerfect find that stepping down to Word is not a pleasant chore.

By jmcbreen - Jun 30, 2005

I've been using older versions of...

Strengths: Compatible with Word. Excellent, fully-featured word processor, and even has some features Word doesn't!

Weakness: Small user base, but not important since it will save and display Word .doc files. Also has a good spreadsheet, QuattroPro, included.

I've been using older versions of Word Perfect, and thought I'd upgrade. But I was seeing prices in the $200 range. I bought this on 'spec', hoping it would be good, and it's the Real Thing, in a sealed package. Great deal!

By chaz4 - Feb 16, 2005

Word Perfect 12 (full version)

Strengths: So far it is terrific.

Weakness: None.

Word Perfect 12 is great, especially it's compatibility with Microsoft Word. It has the option for legal or other uses, and since I work in a law office it works well. Plus, you can still keep prior versions of Word Perfect on the computer just in case (I have WP 8). The delivery was quick and the item was as promised -- who could ask for more!!!

By anonymous; - Apr 25, 2006