Aiptek HyperPen 12000U Graphical Tablet


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Write and draw with accuracy and precision with the Aiptek HyperPen 12000U. This hassle-free-installation USB tablet makes it easy to interact with your PC and do more creative works. Cordless, pressure-sensitive pen lets you touch up digital photos with programs like Adobe Photoshop (not included) or create digitized works of art in your favorite painting program. A bigger tablet means higher handwriting resolution, and the wireless pen lets you use the language bar in Office XP to input text and signatures into your documents. Complete software includes tablet, cordless stylus, cordless mouse, HyperPen Manager CD, Ulead PhotoExpress CD, Ulead PhotoImpact 5 CD, installation guide and quick-install guide. Compatible with many applications. Power consumption: 0.35 watts. Power supply: USB Port. Accuracy: 0.42mm. Compatible with both PC (Windows Me, Windows 2000 or Windows XP) and Mac (Mac OS 9) computers. Imported. 5Hx15-3/4W13-3/4D". Tablet: 12Lx9W".


Product Title: Aiptek HyperPen 12000U Graphical Tablet

Manufacturer: Aiptek

Lowest Price: $75.00 from Marketplace

Power Score: 2.8 | 4 Reviews

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AipTek HyperPen Tablet

Strengths: (1)It is very cheap compare with WACOM tablet. (2)It is large (12x9)

Weakness: (1)Pen is too cheap. (2)Mouse is useless if you have a good optional mouse (3)Wish they remove mouse. Use saved money to make a better pen (4)The software support is not good.

I purchase it from with about $120.
The software in the CDROM is useless. You can download the new version from their website. But their driver is still bad to support microsoft onenote and Adobe photoshop CS2.
The Trick:
I find the Trust brand tablet using the same hardware. So I download and install Trust Tablet driver. Now I can use all function correctly.

By rabbit2000bear - Nov 8, 2006

Digitizer Tablet

Strengths: nice layout. pen works fine -- however I've used it ONLY under XP. lots of software that comes with it -- all works as described. As a pointing device, it also works well.

Weakness: none. the pen is not as accurate as I would have liked -- but for $100 -- I'm not complaining.

This is a good buy -- at least it has worked well for me. If you are looking for a REAL digitizing pad -- take a look at the ACECAD device -- it provides incredible resolution.

By tcraig123 - Dec 12, 2005

Just got mine for $99

Strengths: Large area and inexpensive

Weakness: Mouse is useless and not needed.

I found mine on sale for $99, great deal on a 12x9 tablet. I have been using it in Photoshop CS2 without any issues. The screen mapping works well, I have a dual monitor configuration as well. No issues. Seems solid so far.

By anonymous; - Dec 4, 2005

I have had this tablet 4+ months...

Strengths: None

Weakness: driver and software incompatable with Windows 98 and Me. Goes completely bezerk when used with Photoshop. Worthless tech support.

I have had this tablet 4+ months now and have yet to get it to work with my system. I have tried it on 3 different computers running Windows Me and 98. Movement of the pen 25% of the tablet moves the cursor all the way across the monitor screen and there is no response to the pen side buttons. The pen also makes Photoshop go completely crazy. I have tried numerous reinstalls and updates of the...
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By drrhino - Apr 27, 2005

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