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Adobe Lightroom V5

After using Lightroom 4 about ka year I upgraded and I haven't regretted it. I can't afford the CS so this was one option.

By Buegrassfan on Adorama - Sep 6, 2013

Excellent, newbies need effort to learn

Best photo organization and workflow program I have found. I also purchased some training videos (not Adobe)from a professional photgrapher to speed up the learning process.

By johnd2934 on Adorama - Jul 16, 2013

Photoshop V5

I import and manage all my image files with LR 5. I also edit all my images. It's a fabulous editor, very powerful and easy to use.

By CharlieB on Adorama - Oct 1, 2013


Adobe Photoshop Lightroom V5 is perfect you ones photography editing and needs. Works flawlessly on my MAC and is simply great on adjusting my photography work and getting rid of flaws and imperfections. It can make a good photo even better.

By Luis Castro on Adorama - Oct 1, 2013

Great software

I ordered Lightroom to reorganize my photo collection and to expedite the developing process. I also own photoshop CS5, which I love, but it requires quite a bit of time to browse and edit pictures. Lightroom is an all in one process that is faster. Adorama shipped my product quickly.

By PhotoDr on Adorama - Sep 5, 2013

Just awesome!

I'm a photographer and just make my shots look better

By George on Adorama - Sep 4, 2013

Lightroom 5 Rocks

This latest version of Lightroom is great. I also have Lightroom 3. For my needs-dust spot removal from film scans and minor exposure adjustments and cataloging images Lr 5 is more than sufficient. I have Photoshop CS5 on a PC & CS6 on a Mac which have way more features than i need at this time. I find working in Lr to be quicker, both to learn and use. One unfortunate thing. I had to install OS X Mountain Lion on my Mac Pro (Lr 5 won't run on Snow Leopard). Fortunately, I had an empty hard disk so I was able to install Mountain Lion OS and Lr 5 there and still keep Snow Leopard OS in its original place. I definitely recommend this software.

By Expat on Adorama - Sep 3, 2013

Excellent software

I used to use the full version of Adobe Camera Raw in Photoshop 4 which would not load under my new pc with Windows8. Bought Photoshop Elements 11. Did not realize the ACR version is extremely stripped down so very disapointed in Elements 11. Jumped at Lightroom 5. Really love the program. A full version of ACR. Some really new or improved tools like the Lens Correction panel where you can straighten out the pincushion look. Just came back from the UK with all the huge cathederals pincusioned. So nice to be able to fix the slanted look. LR5 fixes any lens aberations once you tell the program the lens you use. A real nice tool in the healing section that turns the picutre into a negative look to better find the dust spots. Have made a lot of use of the radial filter tool to fix shadowns on faces due to hats. Yes, we actually had sunny days in the UK. Totally happy with LR5, worth the money for anyone who shoots RAW and likes to fix up their pics. Really important to have something like ACR for all the indoor cathederal pics we took. A mix of daylight, incadescent, and sodium vapor lightning in some of them to really mess with the color balance. I shoot with no flash. With ACR, able to fix all the lighting problems. We came back with 410 pics from our UK trip. Bought the program to work on the pics as I only shoot in RAW.

By da fish on Adorama - Aug 27, 2013

Excellent Photo Files Manager & Editor

I have been using this Adobe Lightroom V5 for over a week. There are so many features that I need to learn (from the video tutorial etc.). It's really an excellent Photo Files Manager & Editor. For now, I'm using this LR5 for quick fix on pictures, such as fixing White Balance & Exposure, and making the picture position at the correct level (horizonal & vertical positions). Having this LR v5 really encourages me to shoot pictures with RAW, instead of JPG, since it's really easy to import this RAW files and export them to JPG. In the near future, I will use other excellent features. This LR v5 is a good investment for your time and money.

By TW in the Learning on Adorama - Aug 27, 2013

Hard to Rate at this time

I did not realize this would not run on XP until I tried to install it...Now, I have to upgrade my PC, which is a major pain. I am now discovering what will and won't port over to the new OS.

By scubadoobaman on Adorama - Aug 27, 2013

All-in-one for a great price

Like most packages from Adobe, Lightroom has become the defacto standard for many photographers' post-processing/workflow. With basic knowledge of editing methods, even a novice user can quickly tweak their photos to their liking. More sophisticated users can use more advanced tools to fine-tune subtleties. Pros: - widely used. There are many good resources/tutorials out there. - The tool set does just about everything you will ever need to do. Cons: like most modern software, it sometimes tries to take over and "help" you - mainly by trying to help keep your portfolio organized for you. There are many times I want it to look/feel more like a standard file explorer without any smart-features.

By mnclayshooter on Adorama - Aug 27, 2013

Needs more written instructions included

It's great.. I just wish it came with more written instructions or small tutorial to get you started..

By Karin on Adorama - Aug 27, 2013

Excellent raw program

Before finally purchasing the Adobe Lightroom, I have tried most of the free raw converters on the net, but alas, it was always some features missing, or the user interface was too difficult to work with. Finally decided to invest in Lightroom, and I must say I made the right decision. I should have purchased this from day one and saved myself tons of headache and frustration. I like what the results I am getting.

By Photo nut on Adorama - Aug 27, 2013

Super Software

I have been using PaintShop Pro for many years and it works well on JPEG files. I am an obsessed photograhper and constantly hear that Raw files have many advantages over JPEG. I have never been pleased with PaintShop and other editing software with Raw. The more I read the more I came to the conclusion that Lightroom is the 800 pound gorilla. Because of this and after watching a few Lightroom videos realized that I would have more resorces to learn lightroom than other products. I am very pleased with Lightroom 5. There are many tutorial videos that have been very valuable in learning LR. After about a week I am convinced that my edited photos are superior to my prior attemts with Raw files. I am primarily a nature photographer and I believe that LR will satisfy most of my editing needs. It has a rather steep learning curve but tutorials make this easier.

By Bill on Adorama - Aug 27, 2013

One's again great

I use it for every picture I take. I personaly don't belive and JPG.What I like about it is the advantage of editing at the begining, with out loosing the original shoot, just in case I change mi mind about the editing. It will be nice if we could use liq

By Roca on Adorama - Jul 14, 2013

nice upgrade

I use Lr to process all of my photos and file. most useful is the ability to improve on the photo from the camera. What I don't like is it is clunky and slow...(may be my computer) but I often have to reboot my computer to have enough memory to convert photos. The file system still lacks some basic functions one has been used to with anyone filing system

By Lou on Adorama - Oct 17, 2013

I'm having difficulty...

I've read so many good things about this product but I have to admit that I am technology challenged. I am an old darkroom photographer and it is not easy for me to use.

By Cwby on Adorama - Oct 4, 2013

More than meets my expectations

I installed this on my new lap top that I intend to use for my photography needs only. No emails or connections to the internet, period. I also have an old version of Adobe Photoshop 7 that I have loaded onto the lap top and am finding that it works fine with the new version 5 Lightroom. I am totally pleased with the product, price and rapid delivery. Thank you to Adorama from a repeat customer who enjoys the professionalism from the wonderful staff at Adorama. Dennis

By Great Bear on Adorama - Nov 6, 2013

Great Software Product from Adobe

I recently changed from iPhoto to LR5 and it's obvious how much more capability I have now for organizing, editing, and overall post-processing of my digital photos. I am still learning the software, but have already realized the creative potential and powerful capabilities behind this worthwhile investment.

By JStof on Adorama - Sep 3, 2013

Very Impressive

Lightroom may not have all of the capabilities of the full Photoshop, but it is more than adequate for the individual who wants to view, improve and organize digital photos. I found it difficult to navigate initially. I would not regard the interface as intuitive, but with a little experimentation it can be mastered.

By DOCBOT on Adorama - Aug 30, 2013

Still learning, yet useful

A former LR user, I've been using Aperture for the past 3 years. LR has come a long way and in several areas surpassed Aperture so it was time to check it out. The radial adjustment is in itself worth the price of admission. I've only used it a few times and found that the radial adjustment fixed photos that couldn't be fixed in Aperture. That said, Aperture is way easier to use! I will have to take some tutorials to get up to speed in LR. One star off for lack of intuitive controls that Aperture has. It will seem odd after 30+ years of digital photo manipulation that I would have to go back to school!

By Allen on Adorama - Aug 27, 2013

Great Product Easy to Use, Noce upgrade

Catalog and post process digital images

By mike on Adorama - Aug 27, 2013

It does everthing I'll ever need to do

I've been wanting to do more with post editing of my pictures. I've been using picasa, and while it quite useful, especially for free, it is limited in what it can do. I'm not very computer savy so I'm working my way into the lightroom experience. Fortunatly, there are many tutorials available.

By CK on Adorama - Sep 3, 2013

Was what I expected and more

Easy to use and intuitive. Great results quickly!

By Dandy Don on Adorama - Aug 27, 2013

great for the price

I use it for processing my raw files instead of my CS5 raw processor. It has all the latest stuff of CS6 raw processing without purchasing CS6.

By Mike on Adorama - Jul 17, 2013

Impressive Improvements

Lightroom has made great strides in the portrait aditing capabilites of this latest release. I edited a photo shoot and did not have to leave LR5 for photoshop once. An outstanding product and a great price before this will only be available on the Adobe Cloud.

By Pixtaker on Adorama - Oct 1, 2013

Just Getting Started Learning Lightroom

so far I am really enjoying the experience. I've always been a Photoshop Elements person but Lightroom 5 makes it easy to do everything. I highly recommend this software.

By Juice on Adorama - Sep 17, 2013

not for XP

well, I should have read the software requirement. it works with windows 7 and windows 8, not XP. I have a laptop that runs on XP. I am happy with XP and extremely happy with laptop. I am not going to buy a new PC just to run light room 5. duh...

By Systems Analyst on Adorama - Sep 4, 2013

Another approach

I haven't had enough time with this product to give it a full evaluation. But I want to say what surprised me: Lightroom's approach is quite different from Photoshop, collapsing some steps and making for a quicker work flow. It is certainly worth exploring.

By Second life on Adorama - Sep 4, 2013

Awesome as always

Lightroom at its best! I think it the best tool aside from hardware like cameras and lenses for Photographers. Highly recommeded if you currently Lr3 and older or a borrowed copy.

By giovannig on Adorama - Sep 4, 2013

Very intuitive!

I just got my Lightroom 5 but so far so good. Very easy to use and results are amazing! I look forward to learning more and using advanced features.

By Andy P on Adorama - Sep 3, 2013

I had lightroom 4 now 5

I use this for the photography. I like the ease of use for quick adjustments. Greatly improves your photos.

By ikon on Adorama - Sep 3, 2013

First Time Lightroom User

I've been a long time user of Capture NX2 along with a set of filters provided by Nik Color Effex. I thought there might be several things in Lightroom that would be a lot different than what I'm used to. And I'm sure there are but I just haven't played with it as much as I'd like to. That being said I will probably continue to process most of my photos in Capture NX2 and use Lightroom as an add-on for little touchups. I also plan on purchasing Lightroom presets which, other than the Color Effex filters, I'm not able to do with Capture NX2

By Golf247 on Adorama - Sep 3, 2013

So far, amazed

I purchased the lightroom software based on functionality, looking specifically at time-lapse. As an amateur and first time user, I anticipated the interaction to be technical and obtuse. It was quite the contrary. I found the software very user-friendly and intuitive.

By Johnny Boy on Adorama - Sep 3, 2013

LR is among the best

Before I picked up the LR I tested the Capture one V 6 which is very capable for post production RAW photos but was not ready for Fuji X-Trans CMOS and the SilverPix that came with Fuji X Pro1. The silverpix's dashboard was not user friendly but anyway I could deal with it to get a very good result on RAW photos! then I looked very carefully to LR and after 30 days pushing it around I found out the LR is the one and I'm comfortable with it. I really like to recommend it to those Photographers who love to work with RAW Material.

By SM Shahrokni on Adorama - Sep 3, 2013

great purchase

It's a powerful software that is not to hard to learn and is a time saver, big time saver. I was thinking about buy and thank to Adorama that make my day.

By Bori2u on Adorama - Sep 3, 2013

Adobe - Always great!

Using this version for landscape, animal and sports photography mostly. Have been using PSE 9 prior to giving LR5 a try.

By N/A on Adorama - Sep 2, 2013

Adorama is fast!

I have given LR 5 only 4 stars because I have barely just installed it, so I don't yet know how it will respond. Hopefully, it won't do what LR3 did and that was to wipe out my entire library one day....thanks goodness for redundancy. That said, it did just import my entire library, so it's a good start. Otherwise, as always, Adorama was fast and helpful--so Adorama gets 5 stars!

By jENiFOTO on Adorama - Aug 29, 2013

Great product

I use this to catalog both personal and sports photos. Currently I have about 4TB of photos and nerver had any problems with catalogging such a large amount. Solid product.

By TexasSportsPhotos on Adorama - Aug 28, 2013

I will up grade these product for ever

I have all my photos on the LR. I edit then in LR and PS if it is necessary. The price is very very good I bought it because taht is a good price. I had an ilegal copy before. But whith these price I think we should buy it.

By ggiannini on Adorama - Aug 28, 2013

That CC subscription can wait.

Very powerful software. An excellent investment if you shoot a lot of photos.

By Keith on Adorama - Aug 27, 2013

I certainly would buy this product again

I use Adobe Lightroom 5 along and with Photoshop CS6 for final adjusting. However you can use Lightroom 5 alone it has so improved over earlier versions that its hard to imagine not using Lightroom. In most instances its so good that you would not need Photoshop.

By Hanser on Adorama - Aug 27, 2013

Definite improvements

LR5 is not revolutionary but definitely evolutionary. Editing improvements that reduces dependence on PS for post processing . Still learning to use the new features but continuously pleasantly surprised.

By ronlcox on Adorama - Aug 27, 2013

Adobe does it again

As a wedding photographer, anything that saves time, makes me money. LR5 automates even more, and that means I don't have to go into Photoshop nearly as often . That made it pay for itself on the first job.

By bkyser on Adorama - Aug 27, 2013

I would buy this product again.

Light Room 5 is the powerful digital photo file organizer. Expect to spend significant effort learning the fine features that are available. The LR 5 results are in a format to be easily exported to Photoshop, improving workflow.

By Dennis on Adorama - Aug 27, 2013

Awesome product for most photographers

Mainly used for editing/finalizing raw images. Eventhough I have photoshop, I like this because it does what need most of the time.

By Ray on Adorama - Aug 27, 2013

Great for organizing your collections

I use the software for processing RAW images and cataloguing.

By CockneyUSA on Adorama - Aug 27, 2013

It's lightroom...

It's better then the last version? And you don't need a yearly subscription unlike some other Adobe products!

By PenguinHunter on Adorama - Aug 27, 2013

The Most Advanced Lightroom to Date

Perfect complement to Photoshop CS6, very powerful and easy to use. The new features are very welcome.

By Glide1340 on Adorama - Aug 27, 2013

That CC subscription can wait.

Very powerfil software. Nice to own if you shoot a lot of photos.

By Keith on Adorama - Aug 27, 2013

Best of the best

Tons of editing options without overkill. User friendly plenty of online tutorials that can make a beginner or novice feel like a pro. Even our best photos look so much better

By Chad m on Adorama - Aug 27, 2013

Great Product

Now I can do lots more to improve my phots than I could before

By DugMc on Adorama - Aug 27, 2013


Necessary if you are proud of your photos and need to take your processing up a notch.

By Irzeyes on Adorama - Aug 27, 2013

I love this program

I am a serious hobbyist. I mainly take action sports shots (volleyball and tennis). I also take a significant number is pictures at family events. This software is excellent for taking that good shot and making it great. I would highly recommend it to anyone serious about the quality of their final product.

By Volleyball Dad on Adorama - Aug 27, 2013

It has pretty much replaced Photoshop

Since most of the time I just crop and make a couple of adjustment I am using Lightroom more and Photoshop less.

By Lanny on Adorama - Aug 27, 2013

Revived my postprocessing process!

Makes post processing fun again! Was using NX2 but the larger files from my new camera were bogging that program way down. Thought I was going to need a new computer but lightroom did the trick. Was skeptical about LR being able to match Nikon's D-lighting feature but have to say now that I'm sorry I didn't make the switch sooner. Thanks Adorama, the package arrived on my doorstep the very next day!

By 2 Dog Studio on Adorama - Aug 27, 2013

Great product, shipping could be faster

took a couple of days to get shipped but the product revolutionizes efficient organization and everyday manipulation of photographs. It would be perfect if it were download delivery

By gilbytwins on Adorama - Aug 27, 2013

Lightroom Version 5

I use Lightroom 5 to catalog and edit my photos. The great thing about Lightroom 5 is the new features that are available in Lightroom 5 that were not available in Lightroom 4. My purchase from Adorama was smooth and seamless., Adorama continues to be my choice for not only software but, for camera equipment.

By Rocketdun on Adorama - Aug 27, 2013

Worth it's weight ion gold!

Lightroom has everything that I expected. You can edit photos with ease. Photoshop has all the bells and whistles, but Lightroom is simple to use and easy on the billfold.

By Tony on Adorama - Aug 27, 2013

Still Learning

Upgrading from Lightroom 3 software has been an easy transition. I am learning the differences, but as of now I am pleased with the software.

By Pat on Adorama - Aug 27, 2013

Like It!

This is my first experience with Light Room and I am just starting to scratch the surface, but I really like it so far. So much easier and more straight forward to use than Photoshop Elements. I should have bought Light Room first.

By SS on Adorama - Aug 27, 2013

Great product

A must for anyone who takes their photography seriously.

By ToddnTn on Adorama - Aug 27, 2013

Over Hyped

I was REALLY geeked to get this new version of Lightroom (5). I have been using version 4 for the better part of a year, and was looking forward to usingthe new spot healing brush. What a let down... If your using Photoshop or PS Elements to do large area spot healing, continue to do so. If your coming from Lightroom 3 or earlier, this will be a HUGE upgrade... not so much from version 4.

By Mark L on Adorama - Aug 27, 2013

Amazing product

Full of features that I have not completely been able to use. Looking forward to learning more with the program and the information on Adorama.

By JM on Adorama - Aug 27, 2013

Amazing Photo Tool

Upgrading to LR5 Is Great but I cannot Longer opne a file direct anymore I was so used to open a single file from my library into lightroom now is just impossible. I hope LR5 will fix this problem.

By OhClaro on Adorama - Aug 27, 2013

Adorama Deliverd Lightroom Expeditiously

I am a avid photographer who also does some professional assignments. Although I use Photoshop for critical adjustments, I find Lightroom to be easier for cataloguing images as well as doing some batch adjustments.

By Ruff Pickin on Adorama - Aug 27, 2013

Lightroom V5

Love the flow of my images and as how I work on them. Great on how I can work on any image and still maintain my original for future needs.

By Jojojam on Adorama - Aug 27, 2013

Excellent piece of software

Lightroom is a must for processing your RAW files.

By Jt on Adorama - Aug 27, 2013

No better way to handle many photos

The functions I use most are cataloging, keywording, and processing steps applied to groups of photos simultaneously. Although LR can tag and file many photos simultaneously, it is necessary for the user to plan out schemes like file-naming and keyword hierarchy, to make the best use of LR's automatic processing and sorting functions. The internet has many articles on these subjects, and the D65 group has written useful workbooks to assist these processes. New users should consult at least one of these sources before just "jumping in." LR is a very complex product and becomes more so with each new version. One should spend a few hours experimenting with all the menus and the set-up commands on a trial set of image files before putting in all his/her images. There are likely at least a few features that each user will never use, and perhaps not even discover, but we will all greatly appreciate the features we use.

By ETn_Photog on Adorama - Aug 17, 2013

The light at the end of the Lightroom

Easy to use if you learn first how to(tutorials) do it Unnecessary MAP

By Nick the Happy Trigger on Adorama - Jul 10, 2013

Excellent - improved product

Editing and organizing images.

By Geeksavy on Adorama - Jul 10, 2013


Outstanding product!

By SandiC on Adorama - Jul 9, 2013

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5 (PC/Mac)

THE GOOD: Adobes latest version of <b>Photoshop Lightroom</b> handles offline images a lot more gracefully than previous iterations and adds some tools that streamline local retouching. THE BAD: Still lacks features that some users might miss, including face detection (and related efficiencies), HDR and panorama tools and beyond-basic video support. THE BOTTOM LINE: A nice, but not...
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By - Jun 9, 2013