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Ideal for business and creative professionals. Use Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro software to use templates to unify a wide range of content in compelling PDF Portfolios, apply permissions and passwords to help protect sensitive information, gain the input you need through interactive document reviews that enable participants to see and build on other reviewers. comments and build dynamic forms, distribute and track forms and responses, and easily export data for analysis and reporting.


Product Title: Adobe Acrobat v.9.0 Professional

Manufacturer: Adobe

Power Score: 4.0 | 5 Reviews

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Great program unless you have Win 7 & a 64-bit system

Strengths: Adobe DOES NOT SUPPORT ANY 64-bit systems. Unless you install a shell to run at 32-bit, Adobe will crash

Weakness: Adobe IS PROUD not to support 64-bit systems; 64-bit systems are presumed to harbor bootleg copies of their program.

I tried to load my Acrobat 9 Pro when my computer was upgraded to Win 7 and the systems would not load. When I contacted Adobe, their attitude was that I was attempting to load an "unsupported" (i.e. illegal) copy, a presumption my company did not appreciate.

By anonymous; - Jun 20, 2010

Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro (Full Product, PC)

Strengths: Acrobat 9 gives me the ability to save web pages and e-mails (MS Outlook) into PDF format and maintains the hyperlinks and other features of the document, as well as using PDF files across platforms.

Weakness: Would like a better interface to crop files/pictures saved as PDF files. I'd hope to simply "grab" and slide the edges in/out as desired.

I had never owned Acrobat software and can't image doing without it anymore due to its versatility! I had only used the free Acrobat Reader

By JediHoth - Apr 24, 2010

Acrobat 9 Professional

Strengths: Reliable PDF converter; easy to install

Weakness: None to date

This full version product has so far worked flawlessly with MSO2007 Pro (trial, OEM and retail versions) and Microsoft's Vista operating system. The same cannot be said for previous Adobe Acrobat releases. PDF conversions are made quickly and simply by quick key stroke(s). Product has so far lived up to its Adobe advertisements on its recent features concerning document protection, sharing, and...
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By GANorenberg - Sep 20, 2008

Adobe Acrobat 9 Professional

Strengths: Turn any document into a PDF

Weakness: None so far

I had Acrobat 8 Professional and had problems ever since I installed MS Office 2007. I haven't had any problems with Acrobat 9 and Office 2007 working together.

By jwebb48111 - Sep 4, 2008

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By - Oct 30, 2008

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