Intuit Home & Business 2014 - Windows

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The constant balancing act of managing everything from home improvement projects to monthly utility bills and giant grocery totals to back-to-school expenses can be exhausting. Add the financial burden of operating a home-based business on top of that, and you're compounding the problem with profit and expense tracking, tax calculations and countless other financial tasks. It's necessary to be fiscally responsible, to follow a budget and to keep track of your finances, but you don't want to spend hours every day with your nose in the books. Managing your personal and small business finances doesn't have to be the all-consuming black hole that it can seem at times. Stay on top of the financial flow, cross the Ts, dot the Is and move on with the rest of your life when you let Quicken Home & Business 2014 shoulder the chore of financial organization. By equipping you with a host of comprehensive and easy-to-use tools for successfully taking on your basic personal and small business finances, Quicken Home & Business gives you the motivation and organization you need to stay on budget. This intuitive software helps you plan and develop customized budgets, savings plans and debt reduction plans to start you on the journey toward better finances. View your expenses by category, so you can spot spending trends that can be altered, and generate at-a-glance reports that summarize profits and losses. Take the stress out of tax time using Quicken Home & Business to quickly create


Product Title: Intuit Home & Business 2014 - Windows

Manufacturer: Intuit

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