Chief Architect Better Homes and Gardens Home Designer 7.0

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Home Designer 7 is the latest release of Better Homes and Gardens Home Designer with more design tools than ever before. Inspire your designs with the Better Homes and Gardens Design Planning Center. Home Designer is an entry level title that can help you with the basics to design your new home. It has a library of over 4,000 items to help with your design. There are 500 sample plans all of which allow you to create a virtual walk-through of your home. The program enables you to easily visualize your project in 3D. Build decks, fences and even fulfill your basic landscaping needs.

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Required Operating System: Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional, Microsoft Windows 98, Microsoft Windows ME, Microsoft Windows Vista, Microsoft Windows XP, Microsoft Windows XP Professional

License Type: Full Product

Media Format: CD-ROM


Product Title: Chief Architect Better Homes and Gardens Home Designer 7.0

Manufacturer: Chief Architect

Power Score: 3.1 | 8 Reviews

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Not What I Had Hoped For

Strengths: The landscaping, though somewhat limited in items.

Weakness: Roofs and stairs are a hassle, furnishings and materials libraries are very limited, photo-realism sucks, camera walk-through is primitive. Overall, very disappointing.

Don't be fooled by the alluring packaging...BH&G's Home Designer is a frustrating waste of time and money.I am going back to my Total 3D Home, Deluxe 3.0, by Broderbund, old but strong where this is weak and comparable where this is strong.

By anonymous; - Jan 14, 2008

A piece of crap, whether this or the $500. Stay away!

Strengths: None.

Weakness: Roof lines and stairways are a hassle. I've been working for over 10 hours on both, in a new version of the same plan that worked in the old one. Limited to 3 floors.

Forget building anything with character. If you want materials other than what's provided, it's an item-by-item import. Roofs and stairs are a disaster, and if you use their \\\

By floorplanaddict - Dec 22, 2007

Just planning a remodel - fits right

Strengths: Tutorial disk included, helps estimate project cost by making a list of materials, includes sample home plans, easy to use

Weakness: Limited materials to choose from, have to upgrade to the "suite" for additional options

Started playing with this designing software. It lets me get in the what if scenarios, to quickly visualize what I would like for my kitchen remodel. The tutorial walks you through sample basic projects. It includes several videos you can watch. I liked the idea of getting a materials list to get a ballpark of how much I need to save. At some point I want to do some landscaping planning, and it...
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By bping - Sep 29, 2007

Better Homes and Gardens Home Designer 7.0 Review

Strengths: great product for someone who really enjoys "playing" with a variety of design techniques

Weakness: limited selection of materials and the fact that it can be a bit cumbersome to get detailed design plans to work out "just right."

The product performs as advertised and comes with a decent tutorial disc. It made me realize I needed the next product level up in order to remodel both the house and the design of the lot the house sets on. For a small amount more the added features of the Suite 7.0 became important for what I wanted to do.

By FG - Aug 29, 2007

Very Nice for the price

Strengths: Price, ease of use, well done tutorials.

Weakness: None.

I purchased this program as part of a remodel project for our 1st floor and basement. The software is very easy to use. I was able to build our house and get it to the point that it really does look like our home. Really slick. It has been very useful for helping us decide on paint colors and flooring for the rooms, furniture placement, etc. Fun to play with too. The software is for the most part...
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By corey583 - Aug 16, 2007

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