Symantec WinFax v.10.02 Pro - Complete Product - 1 User

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WinFax PRO 10.02 is the leading fax management software for small businesses. Its high-quality faxes help you project a professional image to your clients and customers. When image clarity is vital, you can generate photo-quality faxes. You can even send or forward faxes via email to people who don't have fax hardware or software. WinFax PRO is easy to set up, learn, and use. And it integrates smoothly with key business applications to simplify your management of client and customer interactions.

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License Type: Complete Product

Required Operating System: Microsoft Windows 2000, Microsoft Windows 95, Microsoft Windows 98, Microsoft Windows ME, Microsoft Windows NT 4.0, Microsoft Windows XP

Media Format: CD-ROM


Product Title: Symantec WinFax v.10.02 Pro - Complete Product - 1 User

Manufacturer: Symantec

Power Score: 1.5 | 19 Reviews

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10 Years and still happy

Strengths: Convenience of faxing ANYTHING directly from the screen that I can print.

Weakness: Occasional freeze up when receiving a fax requiring a system reboot.

Has more flexibility than any pre installed faxing software that has come with computers I have purchased. Makes faxing to several recipients at once easy. Would highly recommend to any small business owner

By anonymous; - Feb 17, 2009

stay way

Weakness: this product sucks will not function properly does not install properly etc.

buy anything but they have absolutely no help on the website which always blames anything but the program. The techsupport has no answers and continually sends you to the next techie that is as confused as the rest

By msippie; - Dec 18, 2006

Works okay with XP but....

Strengths: Many

Weakness: Many

At first I thought my U.S. Robotics modem was not sending faxes, but I tried another faxing program and it sends them just fine. Winfax 10.04 is the presumed culprit. After totally uninstalling it and trying to install it again, it gives a warning "You have removed a previous version of Winfax, and you must reboot to install this version". I rebooted several times, completely cleaned out the...
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By anonymous; - Dec 13, 2006

Winfax Pro 10.02

Strengths: Sucks, sucks, sucks

Weakness: It's a virus on your computer

Don't use it. It screws everything on your computer up. It is not compatible with Outlook 2003 and it will totally cause havoc on your computer. Do not buy it.

By anonymous; - Sep 28, 2006

Problems with XP Professional

Same problem as everybody else. It installed, but wouldn't work with sharing, then it froze up and wouldn't run open at all, yet wouldn't let me uninstall it. I had to go through and remove a bunch of crap manually, and it seems to be gone , but I'm sure there's files in there still that need to be removed. I just don't want to mess up my computer any more.


By anonymous; - Aug 15, 2005

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