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Product Title: UbiSoft Batman Vengeance - PC

Manufacturer: UbiSoft

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Power Score: 3.4 | 3 Reviews

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Batman Vengeance

The game begins with a bang! Literally. It’s just the Joker’s way of saying hello and welcoming you to Batman Vengeance, a release for the PC from Ubi Soft, and Warner Brothers Interactive. This is a game that is not only stylistic in sporting the current cartoon series look, but has also managed to plunge the Dark Knight into a world that is as brooding as the Caped Crusader. Yes, there is...
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By GameZone - Oct 23, 2002

Batman Vengeance

Commercial tie-ins are a huge missed opportunity. People who normally wouldn't be interested in SimCity or Quake III: Arena can often be enticed into picking up a copy of Spider-Man. In a rational world, companies would put their best foot forward on these projects, ensuring a strong influx of new game fans and hefty future revenues. Alas, we don't live in a rational world, and for...
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By GameSpy - Nov 6, 2002

Batman Vengeance

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By IGN.com - Dec 31, 1969

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