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Age of Mythology transports players to a time when heroes did battle with monsters of legend and the gods intervened in the affairs of mortal men. Players wage war using human armies and diplomacy, progress through development ages, enhance military and economic performance with improvements, and manage economics through resource gathering and trade. Mythology enters the mix when players call upon the gods to act on their behalf or reinforce their armies with more than 35 mythological creatures. Ensemble Studios' new 3-D engine adds a deep richness of graphical detail and creates a unique new title based on the ancient cultural history of the Greek, Norse, and Egyptian mythologies, which are divided into nine detailed civilizations.

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Game Genre: Strategy Game

Required Operating System: PC

ESRB Rating: T (Teen)

Media Format: DVD-ROM


Product Title: Microsoft Age of Mythology v.1.0

Manufacturer: Microsoft

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Power Score: 4.5 | 11 Reviews

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Product Reviews (11)

A very fun game.The campagns are...

Strengths: Fun Campaign, satisfactory internet play, and an incredible expansion. This game is something you can play over an over.

Weakness: The campagn lacks in "fun", and a strong storyline. Internet Play can get boring, because everyone only plays 1v1.

A very fun game.The campagns are pretty fun, I personaly like making my own maps, or doing a 2v2 with computers. I also enjoy the cheats, for example, you can ake a gaint purple elephant pop out of your town center.

By password - Feb 2, 2004

This is a work of art! Graphics...

Strengths: Everything!!!

Weakness: None!!!

This is a work of art! Graphics and movements are amazing, so much better compared to AOM II, very smooth flowing. Campaigns are amazing, much better then AOM where you would have to walk your team for a half an hour before you finally got to the target. A lot more options, everything that always annoyed you in the AOM II is now fixed. Powers and mythical creatures give it a very exciting theme,...
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By tonesin29 - Jan 9, 2004

One of the best RTS games out...

Strengths: Depth of gameplay.

Weakness: Campaign could be better

One of the best RTS games out there. Way better than Warcraft III. There are so much stratgies involved in this game and this is what's making this game so much fun to play with.

By fobulous - Mar 30, 2003

I really wish this game caught on...

Strengths: Beautiful 3D graphics. Well-written single-player campaign. DEEP unit development ... it'll take you long enough to master one race/god, let alone nine.

Weakness: Totally overshadowed by Warcraft III, which is a shame because AoM offers excellent strategy and civ-building gameplay. Good balance of economy and fighting, whereas WCIII is ALL fighting.

I really wish this game caught on as well as Age of Kings. At first glance, it plays so similarly to AoK that I'm sure most people are like, "I've seen this a million times before". But this game has HUGE depth to gameplay ... the nuances between races are subtle, and the gameplay is a lot different than AoK... much more about smaller armies, owning the map, and wildly different strats for Greeks...
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By sgthalka - Mar 13, 2003

This game will get you addicted...

Strengths: This game offers much gameplay variety for multiplayer. Plus the ability to download off the internet additional single player and multiplayer campaigns makes the gameplay unending.

Weakness: Single player story is a little weak, but missions like the pig escorting are quite amusing.

This game will get you addicted from the start. My friends and I haven't even played as the Norse because it is such a challenge getting used to other civilization(Greek, Egyptian, Norse). We know we have just touched the surface of this game. Also, the game manufacturer has already shown that it is here to support the game by releasing multiple patch updates already. Also, the talk of an...
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By rockzulu - Feb 7, 2003

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