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Product Title: Jowood Aquanox 2: Revelation

Manufacturer: Jowood

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Power Score: 3.4 | 3 Reviews

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AquaNox 2: Revelation

You are in the distant future where the Earth is so bad off that humans have left land to live in the depths of the oceans. You play the role of William Drake, a young lad who basically lost his well-known family to death or insanity and sets off on an adventure for lost treasure. This naive spineless sniffling twerp gets his freighter captured by pirates and next thing you know they take command...
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By GameZone - Aug 20, 2003

AquaNox 2 Revelation

If you remember the release of the first GeForce3 card, then you'll probably remember the original AquaNox. It was one of the first games to truly take advantage of all the card's newfangled abilities, but unfortunately, it was more of a technical demonstration than a fun game. Its sequel, AquaNox 2: Revelation, fixes a few of those gameplay problems, but it's still just about the...
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By GameSpy - Sep 9, 2003

AquaNox 2 Revelation

Back in 2001 the team at Massive Development set out to create a fun, underwater sea adventure in which players could duke it out against sea pirates beneath the murky depths of the ocean. The attempt was mediocre at best, and left players desiring more. The graphics couldn't save the inconsistent storyline and ridiculous controls.
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By - Sep 23, 2003

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