Gameworld Battlefield 1942


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Game Genre: First Person Shooter

Required Operating System: PC

ESRB Rating: T (Teen 13+)

Media Format: CD-ROM

Release Date: 2002-09-10


Product Title: Gameworld Battlefield 1942

Manufacturer: Gameworld

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Power Score: 4.5 | 41 Reviews

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Strengths: everything


u know whole life i was waiting for war game where i would be able to control all things around me and experience some real stuff about war
and this game stands perfect for that imagination with excellent graphics and superb game of the best in first person shooter

By anonymous; - Apr 5, 2007


Strengths: good guns, planes and vehicles

Weakness: spawn time is very long

the planes are very fun to drive if a bot takes my plane i will usually restart the match to get it very fun and easy not to frustrating HOOAH

By chriswood93 - Nov 29, 2006

galactic conquest mod

Strengths: none

Weakness: MOD KEEPS GOIN TO DESKTOP when loadin and it really is gettin on my nerves.

i cant figure this out. i kepp uninstalling it and reinstalling it!
plese IM me if u can help. HACKYMASTER38 or IDONTKNOW1942

By anonymous; - Oct 26, 2005

This game was what really got me...

Strengths: Complete control over all vehicles you see. Fun gameplay, Great multiplayer, Lots of replay value online, plenty of mods to choose from if you do not like playing vanilla BF42 all the time.

Weakness: Bots are pretty useless to play against so offline can get boring real fast. Requires a fast internet. Don't bother playing against more then 1 or 2 people online if you have 56k.

This game was what really got me interested in gaming. Played the demo first and then went out to buy the game a week later. There are lots of mods to choose from if you don't like playing regular battlefield all the time. The bots are dumb most of the time so multiplayer is really what it's all about. Make sure you have more then a 56k to play online. I had to switch to DSL just to play this...
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By Ghost22 - Nov 10, 2004

So many weaknesses. Okay theres...

Strengths: good graphics, vehicles

Weakness: takes 3 shots in the head to kill someone, glitches, good singleplayer ? are you kidding ! a.i. bots SUCK!!! must have dsl or broadband or else your screwed. killing tanks with grenades?

So many weaknesses. Okay theres vehicles and wahoo theres vehicles which is y i bought it. I had to get a new video card to play it on my crappy micron. I'll never do that again... EVER! who ever thinks this has good singleplayer is a little wacko in the head because the a.i is retarded! Seriouly they run around and it looks like they're having a sezier and i'm not freaking kidding. Alls you have...
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By Wiggum246 - Sep 10, 2004

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