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Create Your Universe from Microscopic to Macrocosmic, from tide pool amoebas to thriving civilizations to intergalactic starships, everything is in your hands.


Product Title: Electronic Arts Spore

Manufacturer: Electronic Arts

Lowest Price: $16.51 from Amazon.com

Power Score: 3.7 | 6 Reviews

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Fine Overall

Strengths: Fun, and very clever. 86% user friendly. It can also be very exciting.

Weakness: Can shut down without warning. It also freezes up a lot in the Space Stage.

I love it, personaly. It just gets a few "problems" every now and again. (I forgot to mention:
log ins do not work 100% if yu logged in on someone else's SPORE.

By anonymous; - Jan 6, 2009

One of the Better EA Games Out There

Strengths: Creative, Easy to Play, Fun, High Replay Value

Weakness: Slow in the beginning

Overall a great game with little to complain about. It's like Sims, but in a global/expanded universe kind of way.

I find the characters fun and easy to be entertained with. I like the creativity factor in this game. Also, this is extremely easy to pick up.

Pick up this game to enjoy on your Mac or PC.

By danshinn - Oct 8, 2008


Strengths: 4

Weakness: 4

Whats nice thing is game in piece of our world.It’s a shame that some aspects of the opening ruin the flavour a little beca The significance is staggering. Simply staggering.

By seling - Oct 7, 2008

Excellent concept, averagely executed

Strengths: Impressive scale, nearly endless possibilities for creatures and other creations, user created content

Weakness: Early stages quickly grow boring, space stage requires far too much babysitting, sometimes a somewhat limited selection of parts for creations

I remember when Spore was announced at least a couple of years ago - the sheer idea was overwhelming. Flash forward to today, and, well, frankly, the game is a little underwhelming. First: Creating stuff is great. A universe full of a constant influx of unique creatures is a great idea. Too bad it almost always ends up being Maxis created characters, unless you manually dig through the thousands...
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By Graalmeister - Sep 29, 2008


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By testseek.com - Oct 29, 2008

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