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Discover the living, breathing world of tuner culture in Need for Speed Underground 2, the sequel to the best-selling racing game of 2003, and the latest blockbuster installment in the legendary Need for Speed franchise. Taking place in a massive, free-roaming city featuring five distinct interconnected neighborhoods, Need for Speed Underground 2 delivers an immersive game world where the streets are your menus. As players explore the city, they ll encounter rival racers who will school them in the ways of the underground and tip them off to the hottest racing spots in town. Deep new performance tuning allows gamers to fine-tune every aspect of their ride s handling and performance, while hundreds of new visual customizations guarantee players can create their own personalized, totally unique car. All-new game modes join Circuit, Drift, and Drag events to add depth and variety, pushing car and driver to the limit, while more than a dozen new cars and hundreds of aftermarket parts from the biggest names in the business make Need for Speed Underground 2 the deepest, most authentic tuner experience ever.

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Game Genre: Racing, Sports

Required Operating System: Microsoft Windows 2000, Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional, Microsoft Windows 98, Microsoft Windows 98 SE, Microsoft Windows ME, Microsoft Windows XP, Microsoft Windows XP Professional

ESRB Rating: E (Everyone)

Media Format: CD-ROM


Product Title: Electronic Arts Need For Speed: Underground 2

Manufacturer: Electronic Arts

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Power Score: 4.4 | 11 Reviews

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Need for Speed 2: Worthwhile

Strengths: Bottom line: simply fun to play; sound effects; extensive car customization; graphics

Weakness: Load time; limited to night driving; unrealistic damage from accidents.

I base many of my ratings on "value." In this case, I paid $5 for this game and, with this in mind, judge it to be in the 4 out of 5 stars range. However, clearly not a $20+ game. This explains my "worthwhile" comment in the title. Bottom line: great game for the right price. If you're looking for an arcade racing game, give it a try. If you want a more traditional racing game, look at the NASCAR...
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By John0394 - Mar 16, 2006

This is a great game for those...

Strengths: Great gameplay. Easy mode is actually easy. Plays on low end video cards (ie, gforce 4 mx 440.)

Weakness: None

This is a great game for those that like Fast and the Furious style movies. It mostly focus's on normal compact cars (civic, focus, wrx, etc) although it does have some decent cars (mustang etc.) I'm not sure why they refuse to honor the Camaro by including it, perhaps GM refuses to let them? Overall, its a fun game, I enjoyed it enough to neglect my wife and kid until I'd beat it. I really...
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By narcah - Jan 23, 2006

Need for Speed Underground 2 - Best Game Ever

Strengths: Excellent graphics, awesome gameplay, nice storyline, long length of gameplay in career mode, freedom in gameplay.

Weakness: Needs a powerful computer to run, very compute intensive. Online gameplay could be better.

This game is possibly the best game ever. I love it. The gameplay is awesome, there is so much freedom in how you can customize the cars, and there are even gameplay modes where you can just drive around and not have to do anything and have complete freedom of the map.

By Cameras and Computers - Oct 8, 2005

Nice but boring

Strengths: coool and fun game

Weakness: get me boored in later stages , no new work , only the same

any how it needs ulrta qulity viodo card but it still
one of the hotest racing games that i had ever played

i do not like that partst cannont be transferd to othe cars

By anonymous; - Aug 29, 2005

Awesome Game

Strengths: Great maps, awesome cars, good multiplayer, works great with controllers such as the logitech rumblepad series.

Weakness: One feature that could be added would be to allow the use fo the logitech rumblepad as a mouse.

I love this game, career mode is good and you can really make your car look awesome with all the money you earn from races to buy new parts for your car! I highly recommed this game if you like racing games. Runs very smoothly on my system (Athlon 3400+, 1gb ram, Radeon 9500 Pro)

By marksoccer105 - Jul 21, 2005

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