Electronic Arts Lord Of The Rings: Battle For Middle-Earth

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Game Genre: Strategy

Required Operating System: Microsoft Windows 2000, Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional, Microsoft Windows XP, Microsoft Windows XP Professional

ESRB Rating: T (Teen)

Media Format: DVD-ROM


Product Title: Electronic Arts Lord Of The Rings: Battle For Middle-Earth

Manufacturer: Electronic Arts

Power Score: 3.9 | 8 Reviews

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Battle for Middle Earth

Strengths: Based on the LOTR movies Replay key battles from the movies. The whole map of Middle Earth is available. Graphics and Sounds are excellent.

Weakness: Real-Time Strategy game, which is not my preference of a game. Not a lot of units to play with. Have to stick to the timeline of the Lord of the Rings movies.

I am not a Real Time Strategy fan, but I am a fan of the Lord of the Rings series. Therefore, that is why I bought this game. I like the sound and graphics of this game. They are spot on from all three movies. However, since this game is an RTS, I am not really thrilled by playing it. There is not a whole lot of units to play with, and one has to stick to the timeline of the Lord of the Rings...
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By Steelpen2 - Aug 15, 2006

Battle for Middle Earth

Strengths: Looks great. Sounds great. Long campaign.

Weakness: AI sometimes dumb.

Awesome. I have played games like the warcraft series, age of empires, total annhilation, etc. And this one is just as good as those in gameplay and in so many ways better. The fact that it's set in Middle-earth is perfect. How could an RTS game not be made in that universe? It's perfect for all those giant battles. The graphics are awesome and thanks to the movie deals are pretty faithful to the...
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By Bryar - Aug 15, 2006

Warcraft 3 and Rise of Nations... A little bit from column A, a lot from column B

Strengths: Very much like Peter Jackson's movies with voices provided by the cast, Troops level along with your heroes and you can take them with you throughout the campaign, good gameplay, graphics, and sound

Weakness: Troop movement and controls a little awkward, not as refined like Warcraft 3 but almost as responsive as Rise of Nations

This game is a blast to play and easy to install. It's like reliving the movies' big battles (particularly if you are playing the good campaign). You play the length of the Middle Earth map covered in the movies, selecting territory to attack/defend in the style of Risk (and RoN). The troops are grouped in battalions (like RoN), but they level up and you can assign them group names to help you...
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By surferkev - Mar 31, 2006

Bad Crack

Strengths: Fun

Weakness: When you beat someone and they get all pissed

This Game is bad crack. And BEEF ME 2 come one Feb. 28 so if you want to play that I suggest you get this game and everythang HOLLA HOLLA

By anonymous; - Jan 13, 2006

Battle for Middle Earth

Strengths: Excellent graphics and sound, great use of the franchise.

Weakness: Spotty AI, balance issues.

This is a tricky one. Battle for Middle Earth isn't really a well balanced RTS, and yet... I still have more fun playing it than other games. True, I'm a big Lord of the Rings fan/geek and watching a troll pick up a tree and smack a bunch of Gondor infantry away gets me all tingly, but it still seems to have a high fun factor. The game looks and sounds great, and the units look like they were all...
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By SqueeMK2 - Jul 16, 2005

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