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Nice collection.

Strengths: Since it is an all in one collection, it makes it a LOT easier and convienient to install, since you don't have to keep switching discs during the install process

Weakness: The price was a little high.

The game itself is great. I've had just the main game since it came out and now just decided to buy this for the expansion packs and the convience. I think it is a better game than it's sequel, Battlefield 2142, which uses the same rendering engine and, in my opinion, looks worse than Battlefield 2.

By Jonathan D - Jul 30, 2007

Ultimate Online Multiplayer War Game!

Strengths: Great variety of weapon classes. Plenty of players online

Weakness: Very graphic intensive, demands a high end computer

I recently started playing Battlefield and I have to say that it's a great game. There are plenty of players online, and there are a great variety of maps. The complete collection comes with the special forces expansion pack and also the booster packs, armored fury and euro force. The complete collection adds to the maps and players.

By bigdogn12 - Jul 30, 2007

Best game in past 3 years

Strengths: Great MM action, fantastic teamplay possibilities, real-time warlike fighting

Weakness: Many bugs, flaws, and patches required to get the game playable. A lot of bureaucratic (DICE, EA GAMES) less-than-stellar compatability issues

Provided you get the game to work, this really is a true landmark game for the PC. Everything from the vehicles, to the teamwork, to the custom maps makes this games one of my personal all-time favorite games. As an avid half-life and counter-strike fan, I never played battlefield 1. After my brother purchased BF2, I played, and slowly became addicted. All of the upgrades, special features, and expansion features (specific to the BF2 collection) make the game that much more fun, with many new cool unlocks and upgradable items/weapons.

Would highly recommend, but make sure your system can handle it! I wouldnt recommend anything less than 1.5gb of ram if you plan to play! In fact, I purchased the BF2 standalone game in 2005, and recently purchased this one for the extra levels maps.

By misternapps - Sep 10, 2007

Awesome Game!!!

Strengths: High-end graphics, great multiplayer, good single player, great overall game

Weakness: install time, bugs, punkbuster

This game is great after I finally installed it and got it working correctly. It takes forever to install the game with all the patches, etc. After I got it installed, I kept having problems with punkbuster. I uninstalled, then reinstalled, and it finally worked. Multiplayer is the best! When you play you can earn ranks and unlock weapons. This game is a must buy! BUY IT!!

By dude2007 - Jan 23, 2008

Great game after you FINALLY get it to work

Strengths: Excellent gameplay, graphics, and multilplay

Weakness: It takes a really long time to install. Punkbuster is a pain because it doesn't work sometimes.

Battlefield 2 is a great game. Buying this complete collection is a must. This game has high end graphics and is for high to mid range machines nowadays. The only problem I had is with punkbuster which is only required for multiplayer. It is working great now. I love this game! Buy it!!

By anonymous; - Jan 23, 2008

Complete collection my a$s -.-....

Strengths: Great Graphics, Runs smoothly, a very fun game.

Weakness: None so far.

I was very dissapointed when "Complete Collection" didn't really come with the whole colletction of battlefield games...It comes with 2/4 games which are the original and special forces, but only gives you Armored Fury and Euro Forces booster pack. My opinion, If they want to call it the Complete Collection, they should acctualy put all the games on the disk.

By anonymous; - Aug 29, 2007