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In Master of Orion 3, the sequel to one of the best-loved strategy games of all time, you assume the biggest role ever. No longer do you represent mere interplanetary dictators; in Master of Orion 3, you become the controlling force behind an entire galactic civilization. It is not enough to be an able economist or a great captain to succeed; political, administrative, and espionage skills must be applied to craft your civilization's glorious chapter in the annals of time and space and claim the rightful title of Master of Orion .

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Required Operating System: Microsoft Windows 2000, Microsoft Windows 98, Microsoft Windows ME, Microsoft Windows XP

ESRB Rating: T (Teen)

Media Format: CD-ROM


Product Title: Atari Master Of Orion 3

Manufacturer: Atari

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Power Score: 3.5 | 13 Reviews

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The True Review!

Strengths: Design your own ships, choose from a variety of races, edit races to alter their strengths and weaknesses, a little more realistic then any other space game out there, space battles are fun.

Weakness: Graphics are not best but good for its time, diplomacy is a little weak, very hard to manage everything, not for your RTS or Casual player.

I am addicted to this game. Though there is room for improvement this game is the master of space games! It truly takes realism to the extreme and is very entertaining. Don't go into this game expecting great graphics and easy game play. It's made more for people who play games with lots of details and micromanaging. Though the feeling one gets when two giant space fleets collide and destroy each...
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By xhydra - Jan 14, 2007

Unfortunately I bought this turkey...

Strengths: Pedigree

Weakness: Everything Else

Unfortunately I bought this turkey too... fortunately I did not buy it new for the $55 new title price. I still wanted my money back. Where to start.... uh, Master of Orion I: Great start to the line! Fun game, interesting concept pretty nice package overall. Master of Magic: A really fun fantasy world clone of the former, I still play this game! Master of Orion II: Breakthrough in terms of...
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By lordboogar - Jan 13, 2005

It takes a certain, (mad) person...

Strengths: Possible the real time ship combat

Weakness: So many to list...ground combat, diplomacy, espionage, computerr AI.

It takes a certain, (mad) person to play this game, and like most others who have written reviews for this game, I have played the previous two games, and I also share their negatives views regarding Master of Orion III. Having played this game for an hour prior to buying it, I had some understanding of the level of game play, and as bad as this game was, 3 weeks later I purchased it. This game...
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By None20002 - Jul 17, 2003

Unlike some of the others I've...

Strengths: Available race choices are kind of neat, and customizable

Weakness: Flat, uninspired gameplay. Clunky interface harkens back to the 1990's. 2-D asteroids-like ship combat, rigid diplomacy, boring and limited espionage, jerky sound, CD runs waaaay too much.

Unlike some of the others I've never played MOO 1 or 2. I might've been even more disappointed if I had. I like having different options for victory, but choosing to allow political victories just makes for sudden, unavoidable defeats at the hands of an AI rival. That victory option can be removed at the start, but a military or technological victory (finding 5 lost techs called X's) takes...
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By SpaceViking - Jul 3, 2003

On June 6th a patch for this game...

Strengths: Turn based stratergy

Weakness: Very long games, not a ton of graphic stimulation

On June 6th a patch for this game was released which fixed a lot of the above complaints. The pre-patch version was admittedly problematic. One single bug-- a error in the computer calculating how many "transports" needed to move troops-- crippled the AI, making it possible to win without trying. There were many other bugs as well. Post-patch (availible at the developer's website) the game is not...
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By zeta10 - Jun 25, 2003

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