Roxio Easy Media Creator Suite v.10.0 Deluxe

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The new Roxio Easy Media Creator 10 gives you creative inspiration and all the tools you need to enhance your digital lifestyle. Create, share and enjoy your movies, memories and music as only you can.


Product Title: Roxio Easy Media Creator Suite v.10.0 Deluxe

Manufacturer: Roxio

Power Score: 3.7 | 3 Reviews

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Great package-- video digital converter and media suite

Strengths: The media suite is for nearly all media. Includes video, photos, music, device converting, internet posting

Weakness: Very big program

I had no trouble on the installation end. Video -- if you get the converter you're going to use it. Converts tapes to digital by connecting the tape player to the computer. You can choose the format but you can also converter it later with the including tools. It converts to mobile devices. There are two video programs which are very different. They do basic editing but Cinemagic works on the...
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By peternus - Jun 15, 2008

Great digital Media Suite and good video converter

Strengths: Deluxe puts emphasis on video 'cause it has a converter but its great for photos, disk making, conversion to devices too

Weakness: Uses 1 GB hard space so old pcs won't due. That's not much though for newer pcs. problems but took time to install all the components. The program kept going by itself with almost no prompts running... started right after installation was completed. I checked that major programs were working and they did with no other updates necessary. analysis...lots of options for doing the same tasks. 2 video programs, one more basic than the other and different learning...
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By tedranb - May 10, 2008

A Nightmare, Run in the Opposite Direction!

Strengths: Lots of features, multiple options for a given task. Good user interface. Includes Dazzle video capture devices

Weakness: Installation is a nightmare, may cause your computer to die. Never could get all features working, many self-terminate. Slow, slow, slow when it did work

My first attempt at installing this caused my computer (well maintained/updated, lots of memory, clean startup, few extra processes, etc.) to immediately die. All it would do is try to boot up and then just keep restarting. Turns out this software can mess up the "NTLDR" on some computers. A known problem, they have a CD-length update file (version 10.0.1) that's supposed to fix it (I'll never...
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By fstncln - Apr 30, 2008

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