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Don't install this software

Strengths: None that I've found.

Weakness: Buggy, unstable, corrupts OS and other programs.

I have been a satisfied 6.6 user for 3+ years and purchased a 7.0 upgrade before it was released on Nero's website. Out of the box, Burning ROM would not start. Tech support said that they duplicated the problem but that I would have to wait for the release to their website. I uninstalled 7.0 and went back to 6.6.

I reinstalled 7.0 after it was released on their website. My computer had always been stable. After installing Nero, the OS was corrupted. The computer would hang-up and task manager would not shut down the application or turn off the computer. Task manager indicated that explorer was not responding. My computer became useless over a period of a few days.

I reinstalled WinXP Pro on a new HD with the computer in the simpliest possible configuration. Through testing showed that everything worked and it was stable.

I installed nero 7.0 using the latest download from their website. There was no other application software except Microsoft applications that came with XP Pro.

Nero Showtime would not play a DVD without hanging up. Burning ROM would hang up while burning both CD's and DVD's. Wave Editor was useless. The OS became corrupted within days.

I reformatted my original "C" drive and reinstalled windows and other applications. The computer is now stable and reliable. I am using Nero 6.6 and will never install 7.0 again.

The 1 star rating is generous and undeserved. This is the worst major application I have ever encountered and deserves several minus stars.

By cjkjc - Jan 21, 2006

Don't buy or install; corrupts Microsoft Office

Strengths: Good PR

Weakness: Poor setup reliability. Corrupts Microsoft Office 2003 installations

After repeated attempts on a clean machine with only Microsoft Office installed, Nero 7 continues to corrupt the Office installation. I have been trying for 8 days to get support from Nero. Over 1.5 hours on phone queues and no replies to my VIP support email access. Don't buy or install this poor product.

By diablodale - Dec 3, 2005

Old wine in a new bottle. Another...

Strengths: None

Weakness: worst product upgrade

Old wine in a new bottle. Another refined Nero 6 in a new white box. Don’t waste your money in buying nero 7. Go back to nero 6 which is more stable than nero 7. Don’t get allured by PC World award or reviews. Never seen such a buggy software in my life. I guess nero got hyped up lately. They better concentrate on their product and tech support quality.

By tekgeeky - Dec 25, 2005

Bloated bugs

Strengths: Um ... It's Red

Weakness: Crash, freeze, lockup, coasters. It does every thing but burn, the thing it's supposed to.

Where do I start. I've never seen a program so buggy. It is absolutely infested. It's rare to actually close it on purpose. Usually you just give up after a dozen or so crashes and coasters.

Vision, the DVD mastering bit is incredibly picky about the source material. When it gets an AVI it doesn't like it just freezes. If you use this you'll get to where you just leave task manager open. That's the only way out of it.

The backup program is the biggest waste of disk on earth. Greenpeace should be picketing the Nero offices. Every time I try a backup it will have a "recorder error" after 4 or 5 discs. Half a dozen more coasters!

I even replaced my drive, thinking it could be a bad drive ... NO. Bad media? Well if TDK, Maxell and Memorex are all bad maybe.

The bugs are just the half of it. This thing is so bloated you won't believe it. Here's one example. The file chooser (File open box) has 3, three, yes three search tabs on it. THREE! I think one search is enough. And because of this the file chooser takes way too long to open.

After the bloat you come to the ridiculous. It comes with a windows media center wannabe. It has a "scout" that constantly searches your drives for media files. Yes another search tool! Nobody is that disorganized.

I miss Nero when it was Just Burning ROM. When it could actually burn a ROM. Now all it does is crash and smolder.

By Bruemeister - Feb 20, 2007

I Love Nero, From Hate to Love again

Strengths: Read Below Good and Bad

Weakness: Read Below Good and Bad

The Bad
I have always loved Nero Burning Software, and when i saw Nero 7 come out about a 1 to 1-1/2 year a go I ran out and bout a copy to give to my brother for Christmas, I had the Nero 7 box laying right beside my computer still in the stores vacuumed sealed plastic rapper. I wonted to know what Nero 7 was like, so I download a Trail version of Nero 7 to see what I was giving my brother for Christmas. I started using the Trail version of Nero 7 on my computer, it was very slow, I also got stuck in the media center of Nero 7 and had no way of getting out except to reboot the computer at this time in history Nero 7 really sucked, I also read Cnet review and it said the same thing that Nero 7 require a lot of system resources or powerful pc so I returned Nero 7 please keep reading.

Now the Good
But that has change now apparently I download a new Trail of Nero 7 and tried it again today on Date 11-23-2006, I must say my god the different, Nero 7 now run very very fast and good, Nero 7 does not have any slow downs at all any more. I don't get stuck in the media center it is really really good, it looks like Nero, has fix all of the problems in Nero 7. The new version of Nero 7 even got the PC World Class Award 2006 and is listed as one of the Best Products in - The 100 Best Products of the Year Award, it about time Nero you did a good job Nero, but it is sad thow because so many people have tried Nero 7 like me and got turned off by so many problems and will always think that Nero 7 sucks, even thow the newest Nero 7 has no Problems at all.

Why My Rating
So why did I give it 3 stars; The newest version of Nero 7 is worth 5 Stars and more, but because of how the company made such a crappy version with last years Nero 7. I really feel bad for any body that bout Nero 7 last year, then and got stuck with it. It was more like a beta than a real version of Nero 7 last year. I hope Nero has learned from there mistakes to never ever do this again. Releasing a piece of junk last year is why I took away to 2 star's you never ever release software until you have test it, then tested over and over again, that is way you see some people here say Nero 7 stinks that is probably a review from last year review and then you see people saying it is great that is probably a review from this years.

PS I would recommend you to go to Nero website and download a Free Trial, and see if you like it and if it works good for you to, my computer build is listed below.

My computer build is below

Windows XP Pro
CPU 3500 AMD Athlon 64
motherboard MSI Neo platinum 2 (Nforce3 chip set)
Video Card PNY Geforce 6800 GT
harddrive Western digital 160 GB

By Wildcard500 - Sep 22, 2006

Horrible Customer/Tech Support

Strengths: Very Little

I've owned Nero for over 3 weeks and have been trying to get email tech support to explain/resolve a compatibility issue. It can take almost a week to get a response from them and when you do, they rarely answer the questions you asked. If they do answer a question directly, they are absolutely incapable of writing a response that can be understood. I've dealt with hundreds of tech support departments over the years and Nero has to be one, if not the most incompetent. These folks need to act as if they have some pride in their work.

By H.C. - Mar 23, 2006

You're kidding, right?

Strengths: Check back with me in a few years.

Weakness: Everything.

I was absolutely flabbergasted when I saw the reviews praising this genuine POS. I have been a user of Nero CD/DVD burning/editing products since ver 5.0 and have always been more than pleased. Nero 6.6 was an outstanding achievement. But the bugs and problems associated with Ultra 7.0 defy description.

To Wit:

If you try to use "Product Update", you're stuck in a loop that never stops. Programs regularly crash and hang. They even had to invent a special "cleaning tool" to remove some of the garbage left behind when you had to remove/uninstall and re-install. I'm now up to my 37th remove and re-install. Tech Support is non-existent and you're guaranteed to receive an automated response. It will capriciously alter any number of previously installed codecs to Nero codecs with the result being entire system crashes. NeResize.* is a dll(?) that will cause almost any Toshiba laptop to crash. Dr Watson can't keep track of errors generated and will also crash.

How bad is it?

If these German engineers (?) offered this product to you for nada, refuse! It's genuinely that bad!

By BigPecs8 - Sep 8, 2006

Bugs in Nero 7 Wave Editor

Strengths: -

Weakness: totally buggy wave editor

I used to use older versions of Nero Wave Editor and it was OK, but never perfect. Saving mp3 files was an issue, because the file size would sometimes double for no reason.

With the installation of 7, the whole thing went buggy. When saving files, the track time and file size are never consistent. When playing the file back on winamp, it is confused about the track time, which changes constantly during playback.

By aksa - Mar 2, 2006

Nero 7

Strengths: A complete and total bargin!! Nero Home and the Meda Server is without a doubt the best on the market.

Weakness: Can't find any

Nero is still the most robust burning package on the market. Never one coaster. I burn many cd's and DVD's and have used Nero for years, Nero 7 has an even better and more solid burning engine with a bunch of cool new apps included. I used the new PhotoShow application and created a bunch of slideshows with music and hilarious thought bubbles and was the hit at my office.

By Renester - Feb 3, 2006

Don't purchase the downloaded version!

Strengths: It runs - well almost

Weakness: Lousy support, downloaded version doesn't include help files and all files required are not on website

Lousy support, downloaded version doesn't include help files and all files required are not on website. There is nowhere to get tose file other than off the disc and this program is NOT USER FRIENDLY without the help files, as poor as they are. If you like spending hours learning a program by trial and error, this one is for you, otherwise run fast the other way.

By ohbouy - May 14, 2006

Stick with Nero 6 and Save Money!

Strengths: Updated Version Number!

Weakness: Slow install, Laggy Interfaces, Poorly Designed Interfaces, File Browsing for larger folders of files INSANELY LAGGY.

I've used nero products for CD and dvd burning for a long time now. Back in the day the Nero 5 Series was horrible. Horrible discriptions of buttons, horrible interface, bad burning drivers, and also a lack in supported drives. when Nero 6 came out they completely shattered their reputation. So being a user of Nero 6 knowing that it was the best burning software i had ever used, thought well 7 must be amazing. WRONG!

I started my installation and noticed a slow installation process. The installer unpacks tons of temp files and then proceeds to the setup of the program. Problem is that if you have any other Nero application on your computer, it has to uninstall them before it can go on with the installation of Nero 7. and of course you need to restart your computer for the changes to kick in. So it boots back up to install the rest of the software. Once again quite the slow installation for a cd burning utility. Once it was finished, of course again it had to restart. Once that was finished you're finally allowed to start clicking.

They start you out asking you what file extensions you'd like to have nero take charge of for its new Nero Home Media Organizer. Now if you know nothing about computers this part could confuse you or you could just click next and skip the whole process.

The next step throws you into the Nero SmartStart menu, a glossy red Graphical menu for selecting what type of burning project you'd like to do. It looks pretty but its really a video hog. i noticed it lagging on some simple tasks as i was loading up another program and also sometimes while doing nothing. and its not my computer i can assure you. So i looked through the options and found little / no new options from 6 that made me go "WOW".

So i moved on to my favorite part of Nero 6 that had been upgraded in Nero 7, Its called Nero Express. Now in 6 they also had that Nero Smartstart menu, which lagged also, So they give you another burn project selection program, with different menu selections. In Nero 6 this was the best part. Really easy and clean interface. In 7 they completely killed it.

The program window loads up off center on the screen because theres a slide out panel that you can click for options and other settings. Then on the left side of the menu theres a listing of a few icons, no text below them just pictures. Then when you click on them, different types of burn projects come up. The pictures aren't even labled, you have to guess where your project is. Not even an option to go back to the classic view, just, "this is the new way and you have to like it".

But just like this menu theres even another choice if you don't like SmartStart or Nero Express, its called Nero Burning Rom, this dates back to the way Nero 5 days. Really really sloppy, just like the Nero Express 7, there are icons are on the left but thankfully in the nero burning rom they are labeled. The nero burning rom is really used for people who want to burn cds with really custom options and for people who really know what their doing.

All the old nero tools are there, like the Image Mount program for mounting ISO files on you computer, the drive speed testing program, the disc examination program. Just most of the tools updated in version number but really no new features. They all work just like they're supposed to and they do a really good job.

All in all i'm very dissapointed that something so good can go bad so quickly. If you have Nero 6, stick with it, i uninstalled 7 and went back to 6. and if you're looking for a burning program thats really simple to use and you really know nothing about burning cds, go with Roxio Easy CD Creator. You'll be very happy with your decision. If you've heard a bad wrap about new in the past you can really forget it now except for this version.

By rcdude10tc32 - Feb 11, 2006

Great Software

Strengths: Faster Burning Speeds than Nero 6.6, same stability, more streamlined look and user friendly approaches.

Weakness: None that Ive Found.

I have been burning CD's and DVD's for quite sometime and Nero is without a doubt the best software on the market that gets the job done fast and effectively. The speeds are slightly faster than 6.6 which is a bonus when you are cataloging a "borrowed" disc. I love the new Nero Home interface. As a Media Center OS user, Ive found that Nero Home is much more user friendly and in conjunction with Nero Scout (another new Nero 7 feature)places all of my various media styles and files, into the appropriate catagories. Very easy to use, even moreso than version 6.6

I highly recommed this software to any previous Nero user who is reluctant to "fix what aint broke".

There were, of course, some bugs with the very first release, but it IS software, and i would rather spend money on a product that is backed by a company releasing multiple FREE updates every few weeks, fixing their bugs, and improving on their product, than do business with the rest, and get nothing for my money aside from no support, slow burns, system crashes with no available bug fixes.

nero continues to put out a great product, and an even better price. I purchased my retail copy in a store and after all rebates were collected, my Nero purchase was FREE.

You cant beat that!

By adonisproject - Feb 3, 2006

Nero 7 Ultra Edition OEM - can't update version

Strengths: Inexpensive - mostly intuitive operation/short learning curve

Weakness: Buggy original release of software - poor manufacturer support.

I bought a dvd burner and it came with Nero 6 OEM. I liked the software except it didn't come with the mutichannel audio plugin which Nero wanted $20 for. I thought as long as I'm spending money on it why not get the latest edition (7) in the OEM package for $40 instead of buying a plugin for version 6? Not that much more money, and version 7 supports transport streams so I can use Nero Vision to make DVD videos out of recorded digital TV broadcasts - something that required an intermediate software in Nero 6.

The version that came on the Nero 7 OEM cd was The latest version update on the website is I had some issues in, so I decided to update to the latest version. There is an update function within Nero, but that just plain didn't work. I found the update file on the Nero website. After a 100+ meg download and installing it, I lost the ability to burn dvd videos altogether. The option just plain disappeared from the menu. Nero said that my serial number was valid, just not for that product. The cd says "Nero 7 Ultra" right on it, the update file says "Nero 7 Ultra." wtf? I filled out the support form on the Nero website. They sent me an email right away saying they got my message and it will be answered in turn. Here I wait a week later with no support. I uninstalled Nero 7 and ran their "clean tool," then reinstalled the old cd version just so I could burn the digital recordings that were filling up my hard drive, but I still have to use the intermediate software to do so, and there are bugs that I'm pretty sure the update would fix. There is more to the story than I've told but this is long enough, and you probably get the message. If you're going to buy the OEM version, don't expect the updates to work. I am trying to decide wether to buy Easy Media Creator 8 or the retail box (rather than OEM) of Nero 7 Ultra. I am only torn because I know what to expect with Nero, and I don't with EMC8. I think I'll try EMC8 anyway.

Also - if you decide to buy this product, download the trial version first. It's the full product with an expiration date. I used it for a couple weeks or so and after the trial expired I bought the OEM cd. The trial I used was something like version The latest version at the time of this review is

By cbsrus - Feb 27, 2006

The Best on the market....

Strengths: Nero 7 Ultra Edition enables you to experience your digital media in completely new and innovative ways. Easy to use with no effects on other software.

Weakness: NONE

With more features than ever before, this powerful software can transform your digital photos into professional animated slideshows, backup all of your valuable data, manage and search your media files, edit video or photos, create DVDs (including menus), stream your files over a media server, and compress files to take on the go. Beginners and experts alike will be amazed by what one solution can do. It can't get any better than that.

By jimljp - Jun 30, 2006

Easy to Burn.

Strengths: GUI makes it easy to choose whether to burn audio or video. Install and go. Nero has long had a great reputation among professionals and home users.. it continues with Nero 7

Weakness: None.

I took it home, slipped the cd into the drive and it installed seamlessly. The GUI guided me through and made burnding video from my Canon Elura 70 camcorder a breeze.
Choosing formats, editing and transferring made very easy.

By tycobb - Apr 11, 2006

More Features Easy

Strengths: easy to use, lots of features

Weakness: none

This is very powerful suite with every imaginable burning, audio, and video application included inside. Even though it’s a big suite of programs it has an easy interface that makes it easy to use by taking you through any project step by step, but by keeping the interface a separate application it doesn’t limit the features of the program. Advance users can access the different applications directly.

By newton7 - Apr 10, 2006

Nero 7 'user friendly'

Strengths: Ease of use for folks who aren't really experienced users.

Weakness: Lots of applications I don't yet use.

I have found Nero7 excelent for my uses of my DVD/CD burner

I use it mainly for back up (either data or restore disc ) and I burn a lot of Music CDs from removable discs and the two hard drives built onto my computer, both as full length files and MP3 files. I have never finished a disc and found it worthless (unlike some other name brand burners I have used) none has failed to play on any CD/DVD player that is capable of playing the discs.

By L_Dikkins - Apr 10, 2006

Garbage! Alpha quality, buggy...

Strengths: None I have seen

Weakness: Buggy, bad support

Garbage! Alpha quality, buggy software. This product never should have hit the streets. Customer support is dishonest, unhelpful, and completely unable to solve any problem. Refund policy is "you bought to heck with you!" Sad to see a good company go bad so quickly.


By ogman - Feb 5, 2006

Roxio was horrible, and so is...

Strengths: None

Weakness: Everything. Hangs up when copying more than one disk, no help files. Took it off put 6.6 back on, then had problems with that.

Roxio was horrible, and so is Nero. Sonic was good, but they are now connected with Roxio. Will try Ashampoo. STAY AWAY FROM ROXIO, NERO, SONIC!

By pkswmanoho - Jan 30, 2006

nero 7 - stay away at all costs!

Strengths: pretty box

Weakness: It installs German language files by default. "Nero Burning Rom" crashes when the on-disk version is installed (you need to download the online "demo" version). And more bad stuff.

I usually don't bother posting customer reviews, but I bought nero 7 ultra edition on a whim, and I was so appalled by it, I thought I had to speak up to steer other poor buyers away from it. Note that I've been using earlier versions of nero for some time, and for the most part, it works perfectly well. But here are my experiences with nero 7:

I bought the commercial, full version at a Walmart (not a download). When I installed it with all defaults (no changes), and a) installed German language files (I don't recall if English was installed as well, but German was!), b) the help files and manuals all said that, to save space, they were not included in this release, and would have to be downloaded, and c) nero burning rom (some call this the "core" of the application) crashed on load.

I uninstalled and reinstalled making sure to deselect German in the language options, but otherwise didn't make other changes. This fixed the language issue, but there were still no help files, and nero burning rom still crashed. Also, when I downloaded the link presented by the "you'll have to download the help files" files, I was taken to a page on the nero 7 site that listed many such files, but not all of them. For example, "startsmart" - the front end to the other nero applications - didn't seem to have a help file.

I searched online for answers related to the "nero burning rom" crashing issue, and found that if I downloaded an update, it would probably be fixed. There is in fact an update, but it's marked "demo." This isn't in itself a problem, but it's confusing, and should have been explained. Well, installing the update did indeed fix that crashing problem.

All in all, I must have installed and reinstalled nero 7 half a dozen times. I also used the application (nero recode, actually) just once, and while it worked, it started up so slowly as compared to the earlier version of the program, I almost terminated it, thinking it had frozen.

All in all, I'd say, if you can get it, get nero 6, not 7. Since I already paid so much for 7, I'm going to regularly check their site and try future upgrades, but based on how awful this application is in its current version, I would advise against purchasing it.

Note - I switched back to nero 6, and everything is working fine.

By msaperstein - Feb 13, 2006

Great value

Strengths: Much more than just a burning software. Many applications inluded.

Weakness: none really

I've been using Nero 7 for a couple of weeks now and it's great. I've done some video editing, burned a bunch of CDs and DVDs and also used the sound editor. All of the differnt applications work great - it's really nice to have all that in one software. Don't know why some of the other reviews mentioned buggy - I had zero problems .

By mikeismrx - Feb 5, 2006

Nero 7 ultra 5 star

Strengths: Great software. Have had no problems. Not sure why others have here. We put it on many systems we build and never had a problem yet.

Weakness: I will say it is a bit different that other versions and take a little getting used to. We don't let it default everything. Only that which it should. Let other software run the things they should.

We don't let it default everything. Only that which it should. Let other software run the things they should. In house we use it regularly with no problems.

By edawg; - Jun 22, 2006

FORGET THE BAD POINTS, they are liying!!


Weakness: NONE

nothing crashes!! looks good os fantatic. evry one with errour prob has a rubish comp and needs upgrading!! i have also got a lightscribe by sata!! one of the best buys ever every one say sata dont make a diffrence when it comes to CD Drives!! but let me tell you it sure dose!!!

AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800
msi platunim K9N SLI
msi 7900gt 512MB and stupidy fast MHz
1GB low lancey corrsiar ram
samsung spin point 160GB sata 8MB L2
(modded case!!)-home made!! lol

By lfikf - Jun 23, 2007

Wish I had read these before I installed Nero

Strengths: None

Weakness: Everything

I wish I had read these before I installed Nero 7. I am experiencing every bad thing on my new computer that these reviews corrupt OS. DO NOT INSTALL NERO 7. I have been using Nero 6.6 for years with no problems, but the new version is no good. I will have to apologize to my computer tech support for berating them for a crappy product because I did not know that Nero was the source of the problem.

By anonymous; - Jun 5, 2007

Its Nero Impossible to Complete Any Task

Strengths: I like the WaveEditor since I don't come with any other program I've purchased. Plus, its sorta fun to play around with it and listend to the strange sounds you can create.

Weakness: Nearly everything.

I thought it was me that was finding this software mucho-frustrating but after reading the other reviews below, I realised it wasn't me, my computer, my media (discs) or anything but the Nero product. I have been able to complete the burn of 2-3 CDs I made. However, it took me about 6 disc that I had to toss for EACH 1 successful burn. Its the most frustrating software I've encountered. I can't believe they continue to sell this product.

I also get frustrated that as a European company, you don't get any assistance until the next day...if you're lucky. Lets not forget to mention several typo - errors - that a company the size of Nero should not be releasing to the public. Makes one wonder if they can't even get the spelling correct on the info enclosed in the box or online, can their product also be released without a quality check. The answer is yes, they missed more than a quality check on the software.

I don't recommend you spend your $ on Nero 7. You may as well through your cash out the window. It would be less frustrating than dealing with this product.

I give it 2 stars because I like WaveEditor.

If you do purchase Nero 7, you will be the only thing that gets burned completely 'til the end.

By anonymous; - Apr 14, 2007

Nero 7 Premium

Strengths: I haven't found any yet

Weakness: It just doesn't work. Very buggy.

I bought it for the burning capabilities, but I thought Nero Home also looked promising. It looks like an alternative to Media Centre, but I can't even get past the initial configuration screen so I don't know yet. The 'Continue' button just doesn't respond. I just don't have that much spare time in my life to bother, so as far as I'm concerned it is a watse of time and money. The programmers should all be sacked!

By anonymous; - Apr 13, 2007


Strengths: Name recognition. There are tons of features (but many don't work)

Weakness: Unreliable. Throws fatal Window errors at times and also has problems doing simple DVD copying.

I bought this product because I needed some simply DVD burning/copying utility and went with it due to its name recognition. There are many features in the product beyond simple cd/dvd copying. However, the product is not stable and some features produce fatal errors and others such as DVD copy hang during the process of reading. No errors or info is displayed, the progress bar just stops moving and the drive lights stop blinking. The problem is not with my hardware or the media I am using. I am able to do the same kind of DVD copying with the exact same setup using another piece of software.

By vgehts - Dec 19, 2006

Stay Away From Nero 7. THE ABSOLUTE WORST!

Strengths: Cutsy retail box

Weakness: Completely worthless! If you are using Nero 6 or something else that has been working, stay away from Nero 7 Ultra Enhanced.

This is the worst program I've seen in a long time. I couldn't get it to install and tech support was slow, and from reading most other reviews here and at C/net, it's apparent that Nero 7 was pushed out the door without any or enough debugging. Also tech support needs to respond quicker, but I can only gather that they are so busy trying to keep up with all the problems and that is why it takes them so long to reply. This is not to mention that tech supports help... did not help at all.
I purchased the retail box version and will be taking it back for a refund. Perhaps when Nero 8 comes out they will realize that it is better to release a fully tested version that will pleasantly surprise the consumer and their tech support dept can get the training they desperately need.

By Humdrummer - Dec 18, 2006

Stay away

Strengths: None

Weakness: Unstable, poor support

I have been a long time Nero user and fan but I am done. There is no support for this bad product and I would suggest that you stay with version 6.6 or earlier and not purchase or download this problem in a box. It will burn Cd's but will rarely burn a DVD without crashing and causes Dr. Watson to crash too. Locks up the OS in the process. Just for experimentation I installed this on a fresh XP Pro installation with hardware that has proved it'self reliable and compatible with Nero 6.6 and earlier. I had the same result as the other machine I put it on with crashes and unreliable results. STAY AWAY!!!!

By Shebear - Oct 16, 2006

sucks almost as much as Roxio

Strengths: Packaging graphics

Weakness: Nero Digital / Recode

Can't use Nero Digital...when I import files, the program hangs up. Update patch gets corrupted and doesn't seem to ever get installed. Thought this would be an improvement over Roxio, but it is worse because it has all of these great features that hang your computer. Tech support is confusing and useless.

By rrrrob - May 23, 2006

Nero 7 Ultimate Edition

Strengths: Easy learning curve, good results!

Weakness: None found!

Nero is and has been more stable than Roxio all along (not matter who owned it). Its menu system may be written with the novice in mind, however, the experienced user will find it particularly feature rich.

By anonymous; - Apr 22, 2006


Weakness: Buggy

Showtime (DVD playback component) hangs on a clean install of Windows XP. For two days the "Smart Start" wouldn't even run at all. Now I can't play any DVDs through Nero or Windows Media Player, and I have had to install an old copy of PowerDVD to get anything to work.

Shockingly buggy software.

By anonymous; - Feb 12, 2006

Nero in general

Strengths: Handy all encompassing apps, if they only worked!

Weakness: Nero Vision, Recode both cause computer to hang

Using XP, SP2 both "Recode" and "Nero Vision" won't read any DVDs and both lock up OS so even Task Manager won't work. Only recourse is to remove disc from player/burner and reboot machine. Can't honestly reccommend this product.

By anonymous; - Feb 8, 2006

Do waste your money

Strengths: Versatile and Powerful, yet easy to use

Weakness: Still having growing pains

I found creating your basic Data CD and Audio CD to be very easy to learn how to do. I then decided to do a backup of my Hard Drive, as I'm constantly worried that one day I'm going to loose all my data. And I found this Nero BackItUp utility in the Nero 7 Bundle and boy was I surprised! First, I was not even aware that it was there! :-)
But I found it easy to use and now I have two backups of my files. ( I had to do two as I've been burned in the past by other software that backed up the system for me and then became corrupted itself later on)

Now I'm exploring converting my old collection of LPs from my Father to CDs. I'm getting to appreciate Jazz and Blues more and more as I do this.

By anonymous; - Jan 28, 2006

A Powerful CD-DVD Burning Suite

Strengths: Many powerful features. Updated regularly. Power users will appreciate level of control over applications.

Weakness: Tricky updates installation. Feels too much like previous version. Not friendly for new users.

I have no qualms with this program. It gets the job done and done well. Granted, it does have a few bugs and the interface could use a major revamping, but these are mostly superficial issues and when you get to the core of the suite you find an extensive and highly flexible application that performs better than most. If you are a power user not afraid of exploring new software as you go then this is definitely for you. On the other hand, if you prefer ease of use over layers of depth then you should probably look elsewhere.

By anonymous; - Jan 15, 2006

Nero 7 Ultra Edition Editing, Burning, DVD Authoring Software Review

The newest addition to the Nero family is Nero 7 Ultra Edition. Nero has a history of making quality products for both the novice and intermediate user. Their title as an All-In-One product for disc burning is established; the box even boasts, "CREATE, EDIT, BURN, SHARE, ENJOY." We'll admit that is a pretty comprehensive list, and an attractive one at that. Click below to read the...
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By - Dec 31, 1969

Media All-in-One Smackdown

Nero is stronger on general disc burning and has an excellent Scout program that catalogs all of the media files on your system and makes them readily available to most of the modules. This level of polish, better integration, and fantastic animated tutorials help...
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By - Feb 8, 2006