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Pinnacle Studio Plus v.12

Strengths: Full support of HD, Blue Ray, AVCHD; Montage automatically generates all the necessary titles, effects and animations.

Weakness: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz or higher required for AVCHD editing.

Pinnacle Studio Plus v.12 shows major improvements from the previous version. The new Montage theme based editing gives you 11 themes with 80+ templates designed by professional producers and artists and automatically generates all the necessary titles, effects and animations. This new feature alone is worth upgrading version 12. Moreover, Pinnacle Studio Plus V.12 handles AVCHD footage natively and lets you create and edit projects in any format ranging from low resolutions to 1920x1080 60i frame rate. The burning software is integrated in the package for you to make standard DVD, Blu-Ray, HD-DVD, and AVCHD disc. Highly recommended.

By pnghiem - Oct 30, 2008

Pinnacle Studio Plus version 12

Strengths: New GUI. Pinnacle Montage. Photos Albums. Full HD process. Burn easily. New titles, DVD menu and templates added.

Weakness: Minimum of 1GB system memory is required. 2GB of RAM is required for AVCHD*

The installation of Pinnacle Studio Plus version 12 in my Windows Vista PC was effortless. No problems during installation and activation for the software. Within minutes, all of the included software was fully operational. There's a built-in basic tutorial that shows the functions of the program and the tools. This version 12 has new GUI implemented. Also noticed is a new, innovative tool "Pinnacle Montage", a combination of photos and videos within predefined animation. The Montage feature allows you to quickly and easily insert motion menus or slide shows directly into your video. The Photos Albums feature enables you to import your photos and videos in order to organize a "photo album" or other themes, allowing you to make slide shows with a few mouse clicks.

By icandoit - Jan 4, 2009

Pinnacle Studio Plus 12.0

Strengths: Most stable yet; lots of features; somewhat intuitive; bundled manual

Weakness: Expensive; sneaky costs for extra transitions

This is bar-none the most stable Pinnacle Studio product. I started all the way back with Version 7, then 8, then skipped to 10, now 12. Those early versions were absolutely horrible!! Using vista 32-bit ultimate, on a well equipped machine, I made a 45-minute movie from ripped 8mm films in six hours. I was able to add music and decent transitions. My only knock is that they are very sneaky on transition and effects, showing them to you, but now allowing you to use them unless you "unlock" them and pay more! It's nice that they still include a manual with the product, as many software titles only provide a PDF on a CD (or even worse) via download.

By SDTechDeals - Nov 16, 2008

Pinnacle Studio Plus

Strengths: Even if you already use an earlier version of Pinnacle Studio, the options for editing and burning HD content make this an attractive upgrade.

Weakness: Like it's predecessors, this is a resource hog. Editing video can be a slow and tedious process.

I'm a big fan of being able to burn my DVDs in the HD DVD format. Yeah, we lost the format war, but I still use the HD DVD players and this software allows me to extend their usefulness.

By rambocat888 - Sep 4, 2009

good software

Strengths: easy to install and use

Weakness: none

This Pinnacle software has been working great for my new HD digital camcorder. It easily lets me create and edit any project ranging from low to high resolutions. Then you can transfer outputs to DVDs, HD DVDs, etc. because the burning software is integrated with the software. Overall I would recomment this software to everyone.

By bloodmango - Jun 9, 2009

very good software

Strengths: one of the best windows applications to edit HD videos

Weakness: none

This is my first time to use one of these HD video editing softwares. This software is easy to set up for an amateur like me. I just simply followed all those simple steps and voila I did make a good video for my mom's birthday. I haven't tried anything complicated yet but this software is perfect for my need.

By woodsley - May 5, 2009

Video software with HD capablility

Strengths: Layout, interface, HD

Weakness: Requires fast computer

This program has all the features that I need for my video editing. The layout and the interface are nicely done. So far I have not had any significant problem with this software. Make sure that you have a fast computer to make the most out of this software.

By mnn55 - Jan 31, 2009

Pinnacle pus v. 12

Strengths: many new features; includes AVCHD video capabilities. can create HD video on standard DVD media

Weakness: fairly high system requirements; not too many overlay tracks

The inclusion of "video montage" a high end compositing and video effects package on this consumer level software package is a huge benefit. But it also ups the time required to learn how to use the software. I found that this product rendered DVD video format faster than some other comparable current software products. I recommend trying a trial version before purchasing.

By Anonymous - Nov 21, 2008

Much improved version from the previous versions

Strengths: More features such as web site posting etc

Weakness: Was not able to pick my projects from studio 11 properly

I am liking the v12 of studio plus compared to the previous version. It seems to start up faster then the older version. I was happy to see the new web feature although I have not tried that feature yet. I tried to create a dvd menu and it died on me. I created a dvd from my project which took a while to finish. Overall I think this is a much improved version.

BTW the auto upgrade feature didnt work as it waited for a long time to connect to the Pinnacle site and finally gave up.

By usalian - Nov 20, 2008

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