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Another flop from Norton

Strengths: - antivirus

Weakness: - major resource hog - slows down you computer

Like previous versions of Norton, this one isn't any better. It's a major resource hog and greatly slows down your computer. For most people, I really can't recommend this.
The one good thing about this is that it can almost always be found with a rebate.

By Jackdan10 - Oct 21, 2007

Best Norton Product Yet!

Strengths: Bundles Anti-Virus & Anti-Spyware; 1-year free update

Weakness: Install still takes a while

I have used Norton products for years, but this is the best yet! In the past, they have oftentimes been resource hogs, gobbling up CPU and RAM, left and right. This is no longer the case with the 2008 release of this software. I don't even notice that it is running! Updates are done automatically (if you configure it to do so), so the only time I notice it is when it tells me that it loaded an update. The installation procedure is a bit clumsy, as I had an older version of Norton installed. I had to remove the old version, do a reboot, then install, then reboot, then load updates, reboot, then I was finally good to go.

Since Symantec now includes Anti-Spyware, I no longer have to purchase Webroot spysweeper. One less program to load, yipee!

Note that there are two versions of Norton AntiVirus 2008. This version only allows an install on one computer. A different (and more expensive) version allows it to be loaded on up to three computers. Note that the year of updates starts when you install it the first time, so if you wait six months to install the second copy, that copy only has six-months left of updates.

By sierra_nevadas - Feb 2, 2008

Norton Antivirus 2008

Strengths: reputable company; fast rebate service

Weakness: other anti-virus has been rated higher

This program now contains an anti-spyware program, which negates the need for a separate spyware removal program in most cases. The disadvantage is that it does not contain a firewall, as some other competitors offer either with or separately for free. This antivirus noticeably slows down my system. Un-installation is difficult and I had to manually access windows registry (XP). In one test of polymorphous viruses, other anti-virus programs beat Norton 2008 anti-virus. A notable comparison of Norton compared to others is that Norton has some of the best and timely rebate service around. Some other companies take over 4 months to get the stated rebate. In two 2008 reviews, there were other companies who rated higher in finding viruses, though Norton was still very good.

By Anonymous - Apr 4, 2008

Norton Antivirus 2008

Strengths: Strongest Antivirus program on the market today.

Weakness: None

I own a computer repair shop and I see a lot of other antivirus programs used, but Norton in my opinion has the best protection of all of the Antivirus programs on the market. Systems come into my shop using other antivirus programs, but they have a lot of Viruses and Spyware get through. Not Norton.

By P C Solutions, LLC - Jan 4, 2008

OK antivirus

Strengths: It provides solid antivirus protection.

Weakness: It requires roughly six times the size of most competing antivirus applications.

I have been using Norton Antivirus for several years and 2008 version requires more disk space compared with old ones although the interface is more friendly. It will consume more memory and will slow down your system. The protection is OK. I give 3 stars based on my experience.

By Anonymous - Feb 26, 2008

Norton AntiVirus 2008

Strengths: It's said to be able to anti-virus, but who knows.

Weakness: Sometimes it slows down my computer

I used it's previous version around 2000 and it was good. Now since my Kyspersky just expired, I switch to this. I didn't see any improvement, in fact, I think it's not quite comparable with Kyspersky. Sometimes it eat lot of computer resources.

By xavierok - Nov 15, 2007

Good product for your computer needs!

Strengths: It is a well known product for its Antivirus.

Weakness: Software can slow your computer down a little.

I highly recommend Norton Antivirus 2008 software for your computer protection . The price was reasonable for me. I like the computer antivirus programs that protects your computer for any future virus. Also, it is easy to install to your your computer.

By aridge - Dec 17, 2007

norton antivirus 2008

Strengths: i purchased this product to clean up my computer.and it did do a good job.

Weakness: only thing is when loading the 2008 onto my computer i could not remove all of the 2007.

this is a very good product to use on your home personal computer or on you work computer. i would highly recomend the product to everyone. you have nothing to loose but your problems on your computer.

By shanontwo - Jul 2, 2008

Norton AntiVirus 2008

Strengths: Improved over last years software. Doesn't use as much system resorces.

Weakness: Doesn't protect you against all viruses. Tech support is pretty bad!

The user interfaces is nice and the program seems to load faster then last years version. My only quarks about Symantec is that their technical support is horrible! I can hardly understand them and a lot of their technical support is unqualified. But I guess right now Norton is the best antivirus software available.

By IbarraYJ - Oct 24, 2007

reliable antivirus

Strengths: reliable and solid antivirus protection

Weakness: bulky

I have been using Norton Antivirus serials for several year and Norton Antivirus 2008 did not offer much more than the older vision. It's a reliable antivirus software so far although it detected a low risk tracking cookie each scan without trying to block it. It required much more disk space compared with other antivirus software.

By redgiant - Nov 30, 2007

It gets worse every year instead of better

Strengths: Don't know yet, will see how it protects.

Weakness: VERY poor installation. Still a big resourse hog. Not faster like advertised

I have been a Norton user since way back with WIN 95 when Norton was GREAT. Since Symantec has taken it over, it gets worse instead of improving each year.
Installation takes forever, then it failed and had to re-install. Still took forever and now I get a dll missing error every time it runs.
Each year I threaten to move to another virus software and after this version I KNOW I will. I have already moved to other products instead of the Norton Utilities which at one time were top but now are at the bottom.

By biresch - Nov 3, 2007

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