Roberts SOLARDAB-R Solar Powered DAB Radio

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solarDAB is the world's first solar powered DAB radio. This stylish and compact portable radio has a solar panel integrated into the top of the unit which absorbs direct sunlight in order to power the radio. There is a level indicator on the display screen that shows the power level generated by the solar panel. Under good conditions, there is sufficient power generated to charge the batteries and power the radio. The built in rechargeable battery pack is charged whenever the solar panel receives direct sunlight. Once fully charged, the low power consumption of solarDAB allows the batteries to power the radio for up to 27 hours without the need to recharge them. The radio can then be used away from sunlight or mains electricity until recharging becomes necessary. The batteries can be recharged either by sunlight or using the supplied mains adaptor.


Product Title: Roberts SOLARDAB-R Solar Powered DAB Radio

Manufacturer: Roberts

Power Score: 3.9 | 2 Reviews

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Roberts solarDAB

In the small, light and highly portable solarDAB, Roberts has achieved a good combination of smart energy collection, practical design and appealing looks. Its not without its faults -- chiefly its weak speaker and lack of FM tuner -- but, for gardeners and campers, its a great choice
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By CNET UK - Sep 22, 2009

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By - Nov 17, 2008

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