Ektelon O3 Ruben "RG" Racquetball Racquet

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Ruben Gonzalez is one of the most respected players in all of racquetball and his dream of Ektelon creating a high end racquet has finally come true. The best part for Ruben is that this is one the best racquets ever made and we gave it 2006-2007 Racquetworld Racquet of the Year award. It incorporates Ektelon's highly successful O3 Technology with a weight system to place in the O3 ports at the top of the frame so depending on how you place them, you could be swinging a 165 all the way up to a 190 if you go by swing weight.


Product Title: Ektelon O3 Ruben "RG" Racquetball Racquet

Manufacturer: Ektelon

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