FLEXGOAL FlexGoal Soccer Rebounding Goal (8 X 24) 8'x24

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FlexGoal 8x24 Soccer Rebounder Goal FlexGoal Rebounder is a versatile portable goal. This is a full size 8'x24' goal that is lightweight and requires only a 10 minute set-up. Using Bow and Lever technology this rebounder goal provides players and coaches with effective, portable and affordable soccer training equipment. Includes 2 poles, 1 net, attachment straps, and ground anchors. Also includes heavy duty storage bag, target, and ratchet tool. Net is 8'x24' when fully assembled and stretched. Shipping Box Size: 5 x 5 x 60 Long Shipping Weight: 20 Pounds REPLACEMENT NET: Epic item E17501 Great Backstop for many uses. Great for advertising billboard platform. Coming soon...Golf and Baseball/Softball nets. Flexgoal's exclusive technology is now recognized as US Patent 7,037,221, US Patent 7,223,187 and US Patent D531,684S.


Product Title: FLEXGOAL FlexGoal Soccer Rebounding Goal (8 X 24) 8'x24

Manufacturer: FLEXGOAL