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Magic Chef MCBR1020W White 10.0 Cu Ft Refrigerator

Zero issues with ours! Too many pluses to mention for a unit of this cost and size.

By kupvops@gmail.com_8961007026 - Sep 10, 2013

Will break within a year.

I have bought 2 of these and both have died within a year. Not worth it. Followed all the instructions and never turned it to the max settings.

By BabyTanuki on Home Depot - Jan 28, 2013

Dead in 3 yrs and evaporator freezes up 3 x a yr, losing all food

Sadly, I may have to repurchase this fridge as the price is cheap and the size is right to fit in my RV door. Only 3 yrs old and it has died. On top of that, the evaporator freezes up about 3 times a year, causing it to stop cooling, losing all the food and then having to empty it and unplug for 24 to 48 hours to allow it to unfreeze.....the service call on it after only 3 months told me it is...
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By littlecheese on Home Depot - Jan 21, 2013

Magic chef has burnt me again

I have an apt building and bought 3 of these units from home depot. 2 have failed in less than 2 years. compressors are under warranty for 5 years but labor to have new compressor put in costs around $300. I cant believe that home depot allows these pieces of junk to be sold in their stores.

By columbusmike on Home Depot - Dec 17, 2012

Works good so far, but is LOUD

I don't have any compaints other than this fridge is so loud that I am looking to replace it after only 4 mths because I can't take it anymore. I would not mind it if it was the sound of a motor running, but it sounds like a moaning animal is dying in it. I am in a small 600 sq ft home which is why I bought this small unit. I have to sleep with the door shut so it doesnt keep me up.

By SMcLeod on Home Depot - Dec 15, 2012

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