Sony KP-53HS10 53" Projection TV

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The Sony KP-53HS10 sets itself apart from other rear-projection TVs by employing First Surface Mirror technology, which reduces the depth of the projection area and results in improved resolution, brightness, and color reproduction. The feature is particularly valuable because this 53-inch model broadcasts 1080i high-definition images, in addition to 480p and 480i digital formats (it doesn't accept 780p, however). Note that the TV doesn't come with an HD receiver, which needs to be purchased separately. Other features that contribute to the TV's superior picture quality include MicroFocus picture tubes and lenses, Sony's Digital Reality Creation (delivers four times the density of conventional NTSC images), a 3D digital comb filter, Dynamic Focus circuitry, and Flash Focus, which adjusts the color convergence automatically. Fortunately for users, the expansive list of features doesn't end with the video enhancements. The TV also offers a Multi Image Driver (MID-X), which lets viewers enjoy Twin View side-by-side and picture-in-picture programming. Users can watch two broadcasts at the same time (from two different sources) and can also zoom in on one or freeze it in the smaller inset window. Though the TV naturally broadcasts in 4:3 mode, users can also adjust it to 16:9 enhanced to better adapt to certain widescreen and digital signals. Other features include favorite channel preview (the ability to sample up to eight channels without leaving the current station), a sleep timer, jump channel, color temperature correction, several adjustable picture modes (vivid, standard, movie, game, and pro), and dynamic picture adjustment (emphasizes the black level to produce a more vivid picture). The TV's audio package includes a 40-watt speaker system (20 watts x 2), MTS stereo decoding, SRS 3D simulated surround (creates a surround effect for mono broadcasts), and a TruSurround mode that works similarly for stereo feeds. Viewers can also adjust the bass, treble, and balance, or enjoy a secondary audio broadcast of the same program when available (typically in another language). The TV includes an input for an HD receiver, two component inputs for such devices as DVD players, four S-video inputs (one front and three rear), four composite inputs (one front and three rear), five audio inputs, one video output, one audio output, and a Control S input and output. The front S-video and composite inputs are designed specifically to make it easy to connect a game console or camcorder.

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Aspect Ratio: 16:9 (Widescreen)


Product Title: Sony KP-53HS10 53" Projection TV

Manufacturer: Sony

Power Score: 2.5 | 2 Reviews

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