Gamma Sports 5003 W/6 Pt Mount System

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5003 w/ 6-Point Quick Mount SystemMG531. Manual spring tension winder (9 to 90 lbs / 4 to 41 kgs)2. Patented rotational string guide3. Diamond coated string gripper4. 6-Point Quick Mount System featuring a top-side clamp down system to minimize obstructions that can snag string5. Slim profle all metal diamond coated string clamps with a unique self-locking adjustment knob to hold strings with less clamping pressure6. Quick Action rotating swivel string clamp bases7. 360 degree turntable rotation with locking brake8. Large tool tray9. Height adjustable from 36 to 4810. Includes Tools (Pathfnder Awl, Straight Awl, Hex Wrench Set, Straight Pliers and Razor Knife)Quick Mount System: 6 point mounting system (10 support points) provides maximum racquet support to mount frames quickly and securely without special adapters. A. Adjustable shoulder supports rotate to ft fush against the racquet surface to maximize support and minimize stress on the frame B. Mounting arms adjust indep


Product Title: Gamma Sports 5003 W/6 Pt Mount System

Manufacturer: Gamma Sports

Power Score: 5 | 0 Reviews

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