JBL Spearguns 38-Special XHD Speargun #4D38XHD Scuba Gear

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XHD stands for Extra Heavy Duty and we mean it. Thicker alloy barrel, 3/8in hardened, stainless shaft, trigger mechanisms are carbide tipped and all models are equipped with 5/8in Hi-Mod bands that feature stainless wire wishbones. The XHD is the gun of choice for commercial and hard-core shooters; to these guys it's a tool not a toy. Three bands and a heavy shaft will punch through just about any fish, which is why the Shark Research Institute depends on the XHD for tough jobs like radio tagging 40ft whale sharks. Go big, go XHD

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Product Title: JBL Spearguns 38-Special XHD Speargun #4D38XHD Scuba Gear

Manufacturer: JBL Spearguns

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