Head Ares 175 Racquetball Racquet

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Head Ares 175g Racquet, In Stock Now. Racquetworld has never been more excited for a new Head racquetball racquet line to come out. For the first time ever we have our own exclusive new high end racquet to go with Head's new 2013-2014 series of racquets. This year's theme is called the Olympus Series and the racquets are the Zeus (165 grams), Ares, (175 grams), and our very own exclusive Hades (170 grams) racquetball racquet. This series is the best Head lineup we've ever hit and we're proud to have our own 170 gram Hades racquet in the mix. We've always felt that 170 grams is the ideal weight for racquetball for most customers. Whatever weight/model you choose rest assured we did a lot of extensive testing with Head and these racquets hit as hard as anything out there with enough control to make any player a winner. These will have very limited quantities for the first 2 months o


Product Title: Head Ares 175 Racquetball Racquet

Manufacturer: Head

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