Gamma Sports Royale Umpire Chair Tennis Court Accessory

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Redesigned Royale Umpire Chair-with longer legs and an additional step-now meets ITF height specifications.Wood components are made of a new material, rubberwood (Hevea brasiliensis), a durable hardwood from the maple family. Rubberwood has dense grain, little shrinkage, low warping or cracking tendencies, and eco-friendly harvesting.Frame is 1.5 inch steel tubing coated with hot zinc inside and out to prevent rust. Finished in forest green powder coat. Sized to pass through typical doors and gates. Dual wheels for easy mobility and swivel from pads set firmly on uneven surfaces. Writing desk included. Umbrella sold separately.Dimensions: 73H x 28W x 44D.Total shipping weight 96 lbs.


Product Title: Gamma Sports Royale Umpire Chair Tennis Court Accessory

Manufacturer: Gamma Sports

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